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March 2003

den haag

orfelio wrote on 2003/03/11:
Interesting picture. Where is this taken?
The buildings seem to be so close. Did you use a tele?

milov wrote on 2003/03/11:
Centre of The Hague. Just my C-50Z's 3x zoom... I think the buildings actually are very close to each other! (and are a lot bigger than they look on this photo.)

Fidel wrote on 2003/03/12:
I wish I lived in an architecturally <-sp? interesting area. I think I've just about used up all the cool building pics around here.

Mark wrote on 2003/03/12:
Believe me, you don't want to live in such an area! I live in The Hague en they're about to build a studenthousing with a height of about 120m in front of my window. It takes away my chance to see the horizon, my daylight and my sight! I wish I'd live in a less interesting area :)

JW wrote on 2003/03/12:
The building with the blue roofs is called "the tits of The Hague" on the streets. :-)

Esspecially if you enter The Hague from the A12, you can see why they are called that.

kawtar wrote on 2005/09/27:
ik hou van jou