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November 2012

The awkward transitions of Disneyland architecture and decorations of-disneyland.html (via )

BLDGBLOG tribute to Lebbeus Woods

August 2012

nice stairwell at Guimet museum of asian art in Paris

nice stairwell at Guimet museum of asian art in Paris

July 2012



on the roof


May 2012

Groot Handelsgebouw

April 2012

The Berkeley Library, Trinity College, Dublin

The Berkeley Library, Trinity College, Dublin

February 2012

May 2010

through the trees

through the trees

April 2009

BLDGBLOG: Sand/Stone

January 2008

Canary Wharf, London


June 2007

Bridge of Aspiration

London skyway
'Bridge of Aspiration' skyway above Floral Street in Covent Garden, London. Connects the Royal Ballet School to the Royal Opera House.

January 2007

October 2006

NAI in green

Like seemingly every other Rotterdam Flickr user does at one point, I finally got some pictures of these cool lights at the NAI!!

Also, I'm experimenting with a new photo interface, serving 1024px-wide jpegs of my photos live from via urls. Still trying to figure out how to best go about structuring things so I don't have to upload and tag photos twice (once on flickr and once here).

September 2006

tartan reflection

tartan reflection

August 2006


Matt Webb's latest slideshow: Iterative architecture (built on an internet of things) [via]

The Hague nightshot

kunsthal camel

July 2006

Ironically, this is a very crappy photo.

June 2006

NAI outcropping

on the roof

on the roof
some dude relaxing in the sun on the roof of Rotterdam CS...
(random snapshot while walking)

Museumpark construction

NAI ducks

May 2006

Nederlands Architectuurinstituut entrance

Willemsbrug graffiti

zebra crossing

April 2006

Duisburg Silberpalais

February 2006

wooden path

January 2006

Somewhere in Delft, April 2005

October 2005

on the roof

on the roof

September 2005

seagull skyline

Pathé roof


August 2005

July 2005

photo: pigeon


rotterdam perspective

June 2005

new bridge

new building

April 2005


March 2005

parking lot

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