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August 2003

feed on feeds is a server side RSS aggregator with an interface that actually looks close to what my imaginary perfect feed reader looked like: single-page listing of all new items, sorted by date -- none of that three-pane crap. I've been using it for three days now, which is already longer than any other feed reader I've tried. :)
Plus, it's all PHP/MySQL so I shouldn't have much trouble making it look exactly like I want it to...

huphtur wrote on 2003/08/19:
i was looking for one like that earlier today. this is good, cuz now i can set up a feed, which i can check wherever i am.

gallico wrote on 2003/08/20:
great, i believe this is the thing that will make me start careing about feeds.

Fidel wrote on 2003/08/22:
I definatly like this a lot. Does it's job well, and is very easy to customize. perfect. Now I don't even need amphetadesk!