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December 2012

RT @tenhoope: Ok, het heeft even geduurd, maar vanaf nu lees je NRC Handelsblad ook op Android devices!

November 2012

RT @ChromiumDev: DevTools: the new console.clear() and styled console logs make for a powerful combo along with

October 2012

RT @tenhoope: Nog een reden om te gaan lezen: de nieuwe app!

I like Google Chrome sync, but wish I could teach it to not bother autocompleting local test urls from my dev machine on any other devices

September 2012

RT @codepo8: A clever trick to sync your Sublime Text Settings across devices using Dropbox e-text-2-configs-plugins-to-migrate-to-another-compute

trying out Hooha client for Android, looks pretty slick. rare to see an app package under 1MB these days

July 2012

Chrome for iPad has an excellent "Restore tabs" feature; lucky since it crashes at least once a day for me

May 2012

RT @sgalineau: Making Sublime Text more awesome: and-web-developers/ (via @paul_irish)

April 2012

hope this Chrome bug gets fixed: Disabling javascript breaks HTML error pages

July 2009

December 2008

Taskix - Reorder buttons in your Windows taskbar - unlike my old favourite Taskbar Shuffle, Taskix does have a version that works on Windows XP x64, yay. [via]

October 2008 [via]

July 2008

Folder Size for Windows Explorer

December 2006

Taskbar Shuffle - enables drag-and-drop rearranging of Windows taskbar buttons [via]

November 2005

µ - powerful, efficient and small BitTorrent client

Coding Horror: Improving the Clipboard

October 2005

Inkscape - Open Source SVG Editor [via]

TaskSwitchXP - I'm still not sure if I want a graphical Alt-Tab replacement, but this is the best one yet [via]

September 2005

BabelMap - freeware Unicode character map utility for Windows [via]

July 2005

PTLens - free pincushion/barrel distortion correction plugin [via]

April 2005

Processing 1.0 (BETA) [via]

January 2005

disable PDF plugin

After trying a couple of Adobe Reader Speedup tools and tricks, I realized the handiest and most-guaranteed-to-work way to stop Firefox from freezing whenever I clicked on a .pdf was to simply disable the PDF plugin (via Tools -> Options -> Downloads -> Plug-Ins), causing each .pdf to be opened outside of the browser. No more slowdowns, yay!

new Trillian Basic 3.0 is out

December 2004

Subtitle Workshop - freeware subtitle editing/shifting tool

First Look at Firefox-Based Netscape [via]

November 2004

Contig - single-file defragmenter [via]

Flasm - free command line SWF ActionScript disassembler

DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS

Currently installed Firefox extensions:
ChromEdit, ColorZilla, IEView, View Cookies, Linky, Digger, Add Bookmark Here, Autohide, Go Up, Undo Close Tab and EditCSS.

Of these, Undo Close Tab is the one I miss the most after every fresh new Firefox install. Always a shock if I find out too late I've forgotten to install it... :)

Add Bookmark Here is a recent discovery that I'm liking a lot. It really takes the frustration out of trying to add a bookmark to a specific (sub)folder.

How to never miss an episode with BitTorrent and RSS [via]

October 2004

GMail Drive shell extension [via]

September 2004

Downhill Battle Labs - Blog Torrent [via]

ListXP - File Viewer for Windows

Nero TIP: Show actual write speed! [via]

eMule Plus - The eye candy eMule Mod

I have switched back to the regular eMule, for its Unicode character search support.

A Guide To Firefox Extensions [via]

August 2004

Notepad2 - fast Notepad replacement, with syntax highlighting and regex searches

July 2004

Xvid to DVD guide; must try this some time [via]

Ant Movie Catalog; has handy IMDB import scripts to save typing [via]

May 2004

Restoration, freeware undelete tool for Windows [via]

Here's another one: PC INSPECTOR File Recovery

Update 2009-01-12:
Also great is Recuva

February 2004

Firebirdfox 0.8 is out!
Seems very speedy to me (but maybe that's because I've been using Internet Explorer for the past 4 days).

Update: see also Branding Firefox [via]

December 2003

OdoPlus is a freeware mouse odometer with a twist: besides tracking the distance your mouse cursor has travelled, it also generates a Click distribution map, indicating which areas of the screen have been clicked the most. Here's mine (from the last 4 hours):

Note the bright spot in the upper right from closing a whole bunch of windows. Also, you can sort of tell I have my taskbar docked to the left side of the screen. [via Pricelessware]

Update: here's what my map looks like after 3 weeks of use:

Purrint is a handy little Windows tool for enhancing your PrintScreen button. I configured it to load at startup and silently save a .png screenshot on every press of PrintScreen (while still copying to clipboard of course).

After using it for a while now, my screenshots folder has become a sort of personal Desktop-log, a handy way to find out what apps I had open/what I was working on on a particular day in the past.

October 2003

Mozilla Firebird 0.7 is out! Coolest new feature so far: a 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar' option so I can load my feeds in the sidebar. [via MozillaZine]

Another positive development:
- it's finally possible to press Ctrl-W to close those '(Untitled)' tabs (ie. the ones you get when accidentally ctrl-clicking a bunch of javascript: links).

August 2003

Bloody hell, I just realized why my Mozilla Firebird 'Add to bookmarks' prompt has been taking so long to appear lately: the Imported IE Favorites folder contains 2000+ subfolders!

Now, I haven't used my IE favorites since last December or so; it's mostly empty except for some shortcuts to local folders for use in Explorer. Apparently, during the last install, Firebird 0.6.1 thought it would be a good idea to add those folders and all their subfolders to its bookmarks file. Wow. has a nice alternative application and document icon for Mozilla Firebird. Definitely less distracting to the eye than that flame-thing. [via Gary Turner]
This is a custom view script I wrote for my feed on feeds [2252] install, removing a bunch of details/options I don't need. Most importantly: I have no desire to read people's weblog entries in anything other than the original design, so descriptions are out.

It's still basically a flat listing of recent items sorted by date, except I made it so adjacent items are grouped together in one block if they happen to be from the same feed; resulting in something that would look quite nice in a narrow side frame or searchpane (IE-users can click here to open it in theirs--can't wait for Firebird to support this).

Source (script, template and stylesheet):

(Update: I have since totally changed the look of my /feeds/ page so don't be surprised if these templates make it look rather different)

feed on feeds is a server side RSS aggregator with an interface that actually looks close to what my imaginary perfect feed reader looked like: single-page listing of all new items, sorted by date -- none of that three-pane crap. I've been using it for three days now, which is already longer than any other feed reader I've tried. :)
Plus, it's all PHP/MySQL so I shouldn't have much trouble making it look exactly like I want it to...

April 2003

Project Dogwaffle - paint program for Windows, of which an earlier version can be downloaded for free. If the Gallery images are anything to go by, this might be a fun opportunity to put the ol' graphics tablet to use again. [via SCC308 Downloads page]

October 2002 A very simple Exact Audio Copy & LAME MP3 encoder setup guide for high quality mp3s. The new speedy PC provides time and space to convert some cds to mp3 again. EAC is actually ripping two cds at once as I'm writing this: via the DVD-R and via the CD-RW. Nice.

April 2002

Webmonkey: Photoshop 7.0 Overview [via]

February 2002

brentashley on NS4: "Okay, I'm tired of being polite about it [...] I'm not listening LA LA LA LA LA."

December 2001

Note to self: try the Xtream player. [via]

Aha. The trick to making the Winamp Gapless Output plugin actually work is disabling the 'Instant change on next or stop' option (thanks, second comment from top).

November 2001

Trying out K-Meleon once again... Much improved since last time - and very tweakable.

October 2001

RavenBlack's Mini Library of freeware apps. Trying out RavenGet and PalSpy. [via angryblog]

June 2001

Ogg Vorbis - alternative to the mp3 audio compression scheme. Winamp plugin here, samples here. [via the null device]