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October 2003


Doing a little redesigning... Usually my redesigns start with a new background photo, but since I couldn't decide on a good one I did the layout first this time (along with a reworking of the php and html code).

A big change is that I'm now showing inline entry titles for some entries (until now the titles were only visible in the <title>-tag), so you know what you're reading or looking at.

The html for this 'ere weblog column is still rather tag-soupy at the moment getting better, but the menus on the left have been converted into lean <ul> machines with a hover effect inspired by Listamatic.

P01 wrote on 2003/10/13:
Nice changes, I especially like the hover effect and the brighter shade of gray on the form element having the focus. Having the title and the date on the main page is also a good point.

The H2 are a little too big to my taste, and the IL > A may be 100% wide.

Whatever, it's good to see more and more people moving to XHTML + CSS.

Eduardo+Marquetti wrote on 2003/10/14:
Ja! Nice.
But I dont know the font here is so smal... Hmmm, I think I must install more fonts here.

milov wrote on 2003/10/14:
P01: I actually did specify display: block for the LI > A's at first, but found that a little too distracting when moving the mouse around the page - very easy to 'accidentally' light up the links by moving over the rightmost edge of the link.

Eduardo: I just checked my site out in IE6 and noticed some weird font size stuff as well; is your Text Size set to something smaller than Medium?

Perhaps I'll just replace the em's with pixel-sizes. Users that want to be able to increase/decrease font size should then just use another browser than IE.

Kethinov wrote on 2003/10/14:
Looks good. Like the dots. Like the brightening of current forms. I also like how if you don't include a "subject" on a news entry, or on a box widget, or whatever we want to call them, it doesn't look out of place.

P01 wrote on 2003/10/15:
I've looked the site with IE6.0 and Fb0.6.1 and the only a difference of font size I've noticed is on the H3 tags that are slightly bigger in IE.

No box model hack have been used so there's some minor differences between the browsers.

milov: Regarding the LI > A, I had in mind something in the vein of IFTHENELSE but you're right when you say it may have been too distracting.

Kethinov wrote on 2003/10/15:
All looks good in Linux using Konqueror, Mozilla, and Galeon.

Woudloper wrote on 2003/10/20:
Milov, concerning your point about using pixel font sizes in stead of em/pt font sizes I can only encourage you to do so. My textsize is always on 'smallest', as I am working with a 120 DPI screen (21") and many pages have a very large font when I start load them, therefore I put it on the 'smallest' option. When visiting your site I always need to enlarge the fontsize because here it is even smaller.

Concerning your choice I can only say that you can read the following article at 'A List Apart':

Here you can read about the choice for pixels of pt/em. Furthermore when you would like to introduce Pixel Font Sizes I think you also need to use the 'StyleSwitcher' so you give the visitors the opportunity to set the (pixel) font size themeselve, also see the 'A List Apart' website. Zeldman mentioned last year that using pixel fonts is better thant pt/em font size, with the remark that you can work with a styleswitcher..

milov wrote on 2003/10/20:
Alright, pixel sizes are go! You might have to reload to get the updated stylesheet.
Thanks for the input, Woudloper.

P01 wrote on 2003/10/24:
The links to the previous and next entry are also a great plus.

Since you try to keep track of the spam comments, and don't delete them, would it be possible to attribute them a class="spamComment" with a more subtle shade of gray, or any color that warn everyone ( including the spammer ) of the stench of those comments ?

milov wrote on 2003/10/25:
I've just adjusted the latest comments query so that comments I've marked as being spam are no longer shown.

Kid+A wrote on 2003/12/27:
What is SPAM? No one knows
You are all potential spammers