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October 2003

blue streak

jimmy wrote on 2003/10/25:
Wauw! Absolutely love this one.

milov wrote on 2003/10/25:
I only accidentally spotted this composition while browsing this month's photos, it's a small crop of a larger image. Thanks be to this building for the great chance reflection.

jimmy wrote on 2003/10/26:
I didn`t even notice it was light reflected by a building but now I looked again and I see a straight lign on the left of the picture :-)

Eduardo+Marquetti wrote on 2003/10/28:
They are swiming in a golden lake!

Kid+A wrote on 2003/12/27:
WOW, loved your pic , nice

Agatka::) wrote on 2005/10/29:
super zdjecie::)