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August 2009

May 2006

coots bw

coots bw


coot family
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Four days after getting my GR Digital, I finally got a 2GB SD card... so that means no more shooting at 1MP resolution on the internal 26MB memory!

The standard 8MP high-res mode is 3264x2448 (4:3), but I'm liking the optional 3:2 resolution of 3264x2176, it seems to suit the wide-angle lens well.

April 2006


March 2006

coot in snow

February 2006


August 2005

yes, that's how you'll look when you're older / how you used to look when you were young

March 2005

January 2005

September 2004

June 2004

meerkoet family 2

meerkoet bw

May 2004

photo: meerkoet family

April 2004

March 2004

November 2003


October 2003

blue streak

coot bw

coot bw
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April 2003

Noticing a theme here?

Resume photologging in 3, 2, 1...

A bit of photo tracing fun... click for full version.

March 2003

February 2003

Follow-up to 1991: