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November 2003 - a starry mouse-driven snowflake generator of sorts, made with Processing. Simply drag your mouse over the applet and watch the patterns form. (But don't stare at it for too long or you'll see it every second you close your eyes; believe me, I know.)

I'm so used to thinking in layers (dhtml mindset) that it's always a nice surprise to be able to move thousands of pixels around in a Java environment.

low wrote on 2003/11/29:

Martijn wrote on 2003/11/29:
Space! Very cool!

990000 wrote on 2003/11/30:
very cool

Maarten wrote on 2003/11/30:
Cool! I like it!

Btw, I think I found a small bug. When you click outside the window and move you mouse in the window again, there is a fat line in the lower part of the screen.

ACJ wrote on 2003/11/30:

elout wrote on 2003/11/30:
nice milov.. wondering how this would look in 3D.
And its good to see you on the p5 board as well.

Man wrote on 2003/11/30:
Heel mooi!

palla wrote on 2003/12/01:

emarquetti wrote on 2003/12/01:
Ja nice... nice....

P01 wrote on 2003/12/01:
Nice SnowFlake homage.
I'm absolutely not in Java nor Processing, but 71Kb seems HUUUUUGE for that. Is there some way so optimize the size ? AFAIK Java applets can be compresser in RAR or JAR, but the this new iambald entry is already in .JAR

I had already seen some Processing applets, and it seems powerfull and extremely easy to use.

Does anybody have some infos about size optimization/compression in Java or Processing ? The official site provides little informations about that >__<

milov wrote on 2003/12/01:
It's true that 71KB is way too big. If I rewrote it in pure Java the jar-file would probably be no bigger than a few KB.

The Processing Export-to-web works by including a bunch of standard classes in the jar-file. I was surprised by the size as well; it was actually more than 100KB before I removed some obviously unnecessary classes.

nancy loveless wrote on 2003/12/24:
youre website would be cool, lots of info and all, but tragically boring. zing it up, man!

nancy loveless wrote on 2003/12/24:
youre website would be cool, lots of info and all, but tragically boring. zing it up, man! -nancy

dotti wrote on 2004/01/18:
WOW...I LOVE DOTS MOVING AROUND...i was named after dots...

dotti wrote on 2004/01/18:
they remind me of my freckles

hahaha wrote on 2004/01/18:
skrew me dots

dotti wrote on 2004/01/18:
and some of my pimples

dotti wrote on 2004/01/18:
well actually all my pimples

scott wrote on 2004/07/26:

pajil wrote on 2004/12/29:
Thank You! What a beautiful diversion, especially at this holiday season, when I really don't want to be at work in the first place.

zero wrote on 2005/05/15:

choi wrote on 2009/05/20:
mooi hoor