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February 2004


Lately I've been cropping my photos to a more elegant 3:2 ratio, but for some photos (like this one) the original 4:3 works really well.

Martijn wrote on 2004/02/23:
I really like the 24:7 thumbnails.

Daniel Talsky wrote on 2004/02/23:
That's a freakishly good photo. One of my favorites in some time. It just conveys an emotional feeling that both complements and transcends the cleverness of the composition.

Ishimine wrote on 2004/02/24:
I like the composition, the colored pipes and human form shadow but in my opinion, the sky isn't nice for that kind of picture...

Daniel Talsky wrote on 2004/02/24:
You know, I think if the sky were more 'picture perfect' it would destroy the photo. There's already more than adequate light to make the photo crisp and hyperreal. But without the funky sky, it would seem more of a technical excercise than the powerful photo it is now. I really like it.

Ishimine wrote on 2004/02/24:
well, i wasnt referring to "picture perfect" idea. im looking at other perspective than technical aspect (lights and all that), i like mysterious and contrast things but its just not quite the right mysterious is very confusing to explain my emotional feelings.... =)

Toph wrote on 2004/02/25:
Accurately framing composition and not cropping works best most of the time.

emarquetti wrote on 2004/02/26:
Man... I love the light in this one.