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June 2005

new building

April 2005

submerged tiles


March 2005

construction yard

parking garage entrance

parking lot


I'm not sure how well it translates to photo (didn't really find a good spot to capture the whole thing), but this was the most amazing sunset I have ever seen...

station rijswijk nightshot

greenhouse glass

greenhouse glass

January 2005

chain link fence

chain link fence

helicopter and flock of birds

Being in the right place (in front of the attic window, trying out my new camera) at the right time (helicopter is circling around, doing some sort of environmental survey) is nice sometimes...

December 2004

geese bw

November 2004

September 2004

Westin Hotel Rotterdam, bw lobby

August 2004

distorted crane reflection

construction fences

June 2004

meerkoet bw

May 2004

kijkduin, boulevard des sculptures

March 2004

meer van wateringse veld

july 2003

stack of bricks

july 2003


june 2003

February 2004


Lately I've been cropping my photos to a more elegant 3:2 ratio, but for some photos (like this one) the original 4:3 works really well.

weena sidewalk

nightshot road, rijswijk

bird tugs at building

January 2004

December 2003

two swans

October 2003

coot bw

coot bw
click for big version

September 2003


August 2003

reiger silhouet

click for full view

June 2003

April 2003

April 2002

Hmm... Way too many beautiful images seem to find their way into my camera these days to ever upload 'em all here - even the most randomly snapped photos (more than half the stuff I post is taken without looking thru the viewfinder or at the lcd-screen).

Oh, and I added a separate Photography board to the forum. Please (find a) use (for) it. Remember, you can link to your own photos with the [img]...[/img] syntax.

March 2002

Trees are fractals...

January 2002

And here's the opposite view (North Sea)... Click to zoom.