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March 2004

stack of bricks

july 2003

absolut wrote on 2004/03/15:
It's looks like in Counter Strike's map. Funny.

Martijn wrote on 2004/03/15:
Looks more like the unreal editor to me ;)

Low wrote on 2004/03/15:
Looks like a stack of bricks to me.

milov wrote on 2004/03/15:
But what I'm really wondering is if it looks 3D to anyone (to me it almost looked like the stack comes up out of the monitor, and I tried to crop it to that effect)

Jan! wrote on 2004/03/15:
It kind of does, yes. Maybe not on flatscreen monitors?

Martijn wrote on 2004/03/16:
@milov: well, look at the first 2 comments ;)

990000 wrote on 2004/03/17:

Jeroen wrote on 2004/03/18:
I hope they clean it up before they open the road to the public.

milov wrote on 2004/03/18:
Heh, it looks nothing like this anymore... the rather photogenic open construction area has been steadily filling with houses in the last six months.