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June 2004 [via]

Morg wrote on 2004/06/30:
Tsssssk... only 4/5 for Save the Green Planet?

milov wrote on 2004/06/30:
Hell I would have given it even less... after all the hype I found it to be rather gross and lacking in likeable characters :/

milov wrote on 2004/06/30:
My favourite Korean movies (now that I've seen a bunch):

- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

- Please Teach Me English

- Take Care Of My Cat

- I Wish I Had A Wife

- Attack the Gas Station!

arjen wrote on 2004/07/10:
at first thanks for linking to us. its nice to see a link on a blog like this since i have had a blog in the past myself. as for stgp i'm just not fond of giving perfect scores. but i do agree that almost every thing about stgp is perfect. i also understand that a lot of ppl would find the movie gross or discusting.

milov i noticed spring summer ... on your list. have you also seen samaria?

milov wrote on 2004/07/11:
Yes I have recently seen Samaria; also impressive, but no classic like Spring Summer imho. I liked its realistic atmosphere (instead of the more slapstick-y feel that a lot of Korean police/gangster films seem to have).

Milo wrote on 2005/06/25:
Whoa, the list above is rather outdated. Don't wanna misrepresent myself to the people that end up here via Google, so here are my *current* favorite Korean films:
- Bin-jip / 3-Iron
- Take Care Of My Cat
- Happy End
- I Wish I Had A Wife
- This Charming Girl
- Nabi / Butterfly
- Someone Special
- My Mother, The Mermaid
- One Fine Spring Day
- Git / Feathers In The Wind

ev_16 wrote on 2006/02/02:
junjin is very handsome. hope na cla ang mgkaloveteam ni calin i dnt knw wat is her real nem. bsta ang ganda nya pra xang model

seng hkam wrote on 2006/02/05:
i want to know more about he married?? he's 36 this year...but since he's not the lead, i dun have much information about him...

can i please have information on him please??

noemi wrote on 2006/03/01:
u are a very good artist

kim wrote on 2006/04/20:
hi! just wana ask.. do u know the title of the song played during kim sam soon commercial in gma? tnx.. : )

Tracy Leong wrote on 2006/05/06:

soua moua wrote on 2006/06/05:
i love korean dramas. i love the movie i'm sorry i love you it's a good but very sad movie and im soo jung and si ju sup make a wonderful couple.

brixeL wrote on 2006/07/19:
hi.. does any1 have the complete episode guide of "my girl"? please send it namn 2 me.. tnx guys!!

KaTe wrote on 2006/07/22:
Pls nmn...share the complete episode guide of MY GIRL pls?? tnx nlng...Mwahhhh!!

KaTe wrote on 2006/07/22:
ehemm...ung complete ah...ung may ending nah...! hehe pahab0l..

amigo wrote on 2006/11/03:
I like Dennis very much. I would like to ask the author and director of Sewwt Spy to continue that film because I really want Dennis and the policewoman,ISUNE, to get marriage and to have a happy family life.
New York

Jenny wrote on 2006/11/03:
When I firstly saw Dennis on the film,I really surprised that he looks like my b.friend very much. Anyway I just want to wish him to be able to meet his true love and live happily ever after...

Florence May wrote on 2007/05/04:
masganda talaga ang mga koreanobela sa ABS-CBN da best talaga...