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February 2012

RT @darcypaquet update: Darcy's top 9 (+1) Korean films of 2011.

January 2010

IFFR film 3: Running Turtle / 거북이 달린다 (Lee Yeon-woo, South Korea): 3.5/5.

Lots of fun this one, like a non-gloomy version of last year's excellent The Chaser (starring the same actor even).

November 2008

Indieful ROK - korean indie music weblog

November 2007

Polyglot Vegetarian: Hangul Day [via]

September 2007

The Turning Gate: The Korean soundWave - introductions and mp3 links for a whole bunch of Korean bands

May 2006 - The Host (Korean monster movie) teaser/CGI footage [related]

February 2006

Twitch - 2005 Year In Review Part 2: Korean Films

January 2006

Flash trailer for Korean film Daisy, shot in The Netherlands last year [via] [related]


Two old habits that I apparently still haven't lost: writing my name everywhere and playing with my food. Here's an arrangement of tiny chocolate particals aka "hagelslag" forming my name and approximations of my name in both Japanese katakana and Korean hangul characters. Tasty...

Hong's Hangul Pronunciation Conversion - handy tool for generating Korean characters

Twitch - 2005 Year In Review Part 1: Korean TV Dramas

December 2005

300 Korean film posters

November 2005 - 부활 (Rebirth) torrents - 부활 (Rebirth) review

October 2005

Language Log: Hangul Day [via]

September 2005

Roman-to-Hangul Conversion Service - handy for generating Korean characters (with info in Japanese, funnily enough)

Update: try Hong's Hangul Conversion Tool, with English instructions.

August 2005

mrkwang's Korean movie blog [via] (don't miss my theme tune)

July 2005

Interconnected proposes naming the 10th planet by its matching Unicode character: U+B313 = 댓 = daes

June 2005

A passing moment in the life of Gord - Korea stories

Korean childrens' cute but scary anti-Japan drawings [via]

An Interview with Im Sang-Soo [via]

March 2005 pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese and Korean (includes bookmarklets) [via]

KOFIC Korean Cinema yearbooks

January 2005 - de koreaanse film [via]

December 2004

Korean Alphabet Tutorial - surprisingly easy to grok [via]

Ruler of Your Own World review at

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I'm hooked on Ruler of Your Own World, Korean series of the month at

October 2004

Here is a link to Actors and Actresses of Korean Cinema

Update: Since dozens of Korean drama fans seem to end up on this page via Google every day, I thought I'd list the kdramas I have seen here:
- Ruler of Your Own World
- Resurrection/Rebirth
- Lovers in Prague
- My Name is Kim Sam-soon
- Full House
- Sweet 18
- Millionaire
- Fashion 70's
- Ireland

June 2004 [via]