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October 2004

tagging is fun

I've been hitting the random link a lot lately, tagging old weblog/photolog entries with multiple categories.

This photo in particular makes me wonder how I ever made do with only one category per entry: I managed to think up no less than 12(!) fitting categories for it.

Thiemo wrote on 2004/10/28:
I'm sure you know Flickr. Flickr is build on tagging. Tagging works (at least it's better than no tagging), but it's not a perfect solution[1].


Milo wrote on 2004/10/28:
I guess it matters whether you're the only one doing the tagging :)
Although I have a single textbox per entry wherein I type the tags, on saving they are extracted and stored as separate category references in the db. This allows me to easily select+autofill from a quicklist of previously entered tags, thus preventing duplicates/spelling variants.