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October 2004

steven+streight+aka+vaspers+the+grate wrote on 2004/10/29:
I can't decide how much I like this one Milo. The cord is distracting, yet odd too. Is this a computer monitor? The colors and lighting are wonderful, as usual. This is art because it is strange, somehow pleasing and disappointing at the same time. I think it's great that you put this up on your photoblog, which is still the only photoblog linked to on my art gallery site.

Milo wrote on 2004/10/29:
I guess even crappy photos are worth posting from time to time, if they prompt interesting comments such as yours just now. :)

Seriously, that things didn't quite look neat and tidy in this photo is why I decided to post it. Sort of fits in with the 'unrandom' collection in that way:

steven+streight+aka+vaspers+the+grate wrote on 2004/10/30:
no my friend, you misunderstand me.

this is not a "crappy" photo in my estimate.

this is very artistic, in an odd way however. this oddness does not detract from its effect on me. in fact, I prefer odd things to "normal" : "universal" art that the masses gaze at superficially.

I don't have digital camera, but take lots of regular photos. I love "mistakes" and weird processing errors. sometimes vastly better than carefully planned and executed "art" photos.

this is a great photoblog, Milo!

Riot wrote on 2004/11/06:
Mooi spul........ van LG!