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November 2012

seeing they now had one in black (instead of blue or white) was enough to finally convince me to jump on the Samsung Galaxy S III bandwagon

September 2012

always surprised by how cheap SD cards have gotten, whenever I need a new one. 32GB microSDs can now be bought for only €24, not bad

June 2012

RT @mathowie: Hotel internet down. I scanned the network, found wifi router running port 80, logged in as admin/admin, rebooted, fixed. All on my iPhone.

RT @ID_AA_Carmack: I thought I might be able to use keyboard LEDs as a low-latency output signal, but USB keyboard round trip seem to be ~20 msec.

May 2012



April 2012

typing on a keyboard with actual dedicated PageUp/PageDown keys that work without having to reach for a Fn key, been a while

March 2012

very interested in Pentax' new mirrorless K-mount camera

asus ux31 touchpad driver dilemma: can't disable inertial scrolling in latest version, but prev version won't allow two-finger context menu

January 2012

found a new way to quickly turn off my brand new laptop: accidentally jam a headphone jack into the usb port :/ luckily no permanent damage

December 2011

opened Ricoh GR Digital camera

opened Ricoh GR Digital camera
I crudely disassembled my dusty broken 2006 Ricoh GRD the other day, curious to see the inside. I wonder what the handwritten "8000" means.

Photos taken with the GRD in better days...

restoring nandroid backup on rooted and repartitioned HTC Desire, success!
restoring nandroid backup on rooted and repartitioned HTC Desire, success!

September 2011

so it only took me 2.5 yrs to realize I can quickly change ISO speed on my Pentax K20D by holding ok-button and rotating front wheel.. nifty

rooted my HTC Desire to Cyanogenmod (+ Zeam Launcher), yay for apps2sd, finally no more problems with internal storage filling up

May 2010


Burning my first BD-R disc: a backup of all my digital photos from 2001 thru first blu-ray disc

February 2010

On MicroSD Problems - interesting forensic investigation by Chumby hardware developer Bunnie [via]

August 2009

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens | [via]

April 2009

Skimapparaat ontdekt en ontleed [via]

November 2007

Ricoh has announced the GR DIGITAL 2!!
[related] [related] [via]

October 2007

AnandTech - The LCD Thread

May 2007

January 2007

Why Super Nintendos Lose Their Color: Plastic Discoloration in Classic Machines [via]

August 2006

Ricoh GR DIGITAL firmware 2.10 is out [via]

June 2006

GRD by E550

GRD by E550

February 2006

fix wxp dvd fun now

wow, dvd was slo coz ide ata bus was set pio, not dma. doh!

November 2005

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September 2005


desk - Best of SIGGRAPH 2005 roundup [via]

July 2005

Art. Lebedev - Optimus keyboard

April 2005

Get Perpendicular! (Flash)

February 2005

January 2005

Logitech F-Lock Key Eliminator [via]

UPDATE: the most reliable solution is to plug the keyboard into a USB port (after removing the PS/2 adapter), that should make the F-Lock key light up automatically after reboot.

November 2004

Cheap Terabyte Array Revisted [via]

October 2004

September 2004

The Virtual Window Project [via]

August 2004

Composite and S-Video Connection of RADEON Cards to TV [related]

June 2004

building a picture frame using parts of an old laptop [via]

February 2004


October 2003



July 2003

Hektor - a spray-can printer! (site is under construction but try the jpg, pdf and mpg.) [via jwz]

March 2003

drivebay screws, 16-colour dithered .gif

February 2003

sunny router
A sunny view of our new Draytek Vigor 2200E router; morning sunlight reflected off of a white door (background).

January 2003


December 2002

The Matchbox PC at CeBIT [via]

November 2002


October 2002

My new home-collection of abbreviations:
- Intel P4 2.4Ghz CPU
- 512MB PC2700 DDR RAM
- MSI 845E Max MB
- MSI GeForce Ti4200 128MB 3D
- WD 80GB HD w/8MB buffer
- Pioneer 16x DVD-R
- LiteOn 40x12x48 CD-RW

The world's most dangerous server rooms according to The Register. [via]

Update 021024: The Register found some more.

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September 2002


July 2002

April 2002

TechTV | Meet Yoshi's Boxx - an Atari 2600, NES, Xbox, GameCube, PS2 and custom PC all in one case. [via Midnight Factory]

Teddy Borg [via]

February 2002


January 2002

This entry was posted from a 486 DX/2 66 with 20MB RAM. Still running IE5 just fine...

December 2001

November 2001

Game Cube Innards Revealed! [via Midnight Factory]

Renderings of future Apple products [via captaincursor]

August 2001

Shiny metal case-mod [via eendvogel]

June 2001

X-ray picture of a TiBook - I have no idea what a TiBook is, but this sure makes a nice wallpaper. [via Random Packets]

March 2001

Cool cases, and lots of 'em. [via EJ]

Nayayomi - horizontal scrolling from Korea. [submitted]

June 2000

'How to use a tablet pen...'