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October 2004

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2004/10/30:
Wow! It's really cool. And the colors are still rather saturated. Good job.

palla wrote on 2004/10/30:

ACJ wrote on 2004/10/30:
The first thing that came in mind when I saw it was 'nine eleven'. Very cool photo.

Milo wrote on 2004/10/30:
This is the tall building in the top-left of my header graphic, by the way.

ericville wrote on 2004/10/31:
that's awesome man... love how it seems to smear upward at the bottom there :)

Dominic Cronin wrote on 2004/11/01:
Awesome photo! It looks like a painting. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

steven+streight+aka+vaspers+the+grate wrote on 2004/11/10:
whoo boy, now we're really getting somewhere somehere somenow.

Like it? Oh yes. Yes. Yag yes again.

Hmmmmmmmm....9-11? Hope you good folks in Nederlands never have such a disaster. Keep your eyes open. And your cameras ready.

Trent wrote on 2004/11/12:
I just stumbled upon your site and I must say your page as well as your photos are beautifully done.

emarquetti wrote on 2004/11/17:
Nice picture!