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January 2007

September 2006

tartan reflection

tartan reflection

tourists on Pariser Platz

Berlin tourists
I really like how that blurry bicycle ended up in the photo. Lucky timing.

August 2006

The Hague nightshot

The Hague nightshot

kunsthal camel

sidewalk sculpture

sidewalk sculpture
Part of a big arch stretching over the road, somewhere in Berlin Mitte. Looked awesome in the early morning light; the GR Digital is so great for these kinds of shots.

July 2006

Ironically, this is a very crappy photo.


June 2006

Rotterdam CS entrance

Rotterdam CS entrance
Every day, less and less remains of the old wall...

broken tram window

May 2006

Willemsbrug graffiti

zebra crossing

purple mesh

April 2006

Duisburg Silberpalais

crossing weena bw

March 2006


shadow - reflection - original
spotted at just the right time of day...

February 2006


Coolest statue in Rotterdam: the 3 meter tall Gundam-inspired GUARD by Hans van Bentem.

building silhouettes

wooden path

January 2006

rotterdam nightshot
Weena at night, waiting at the new trafficlight.

Somewhere in Delft, April 2005

glowing building
"Een typische milov-foto", zouden sommige mensen zeggen.

November 2005

dark sky 2

dark sky
and here's the opposite view of the photo below

dark sky

dark sky
This photo was taken at noon yesterday. A very big, very dark raincloud turned the sky black.

sunset reflection through round window

October 2005



bus window

on the roof

on the roof


The number '14' appeared to me in the sky this morning.

September 2005

seagull skyline

binnenhof airco

binnenhof airco

blurry building


August 2005

evening cloud