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January 2005

helicopter and flock of birds

Being in the right place (in front of the attic window, trying out my new camera) at the right time (helicopter is circling around, doing some sort of environmental survey) is nice sometimes...

steven wrote on 2005/01/18:
It's a helicopter from Hoogheemraadschap Delfland checking the dikes.

Milo wrote on 2005/01/19:
Informative! So should I start worrying about flooding? Thing was circling around here like crazy.

Pim wrote on 2005/01/20:

Martijn wrote on 2005/01/20:
True, I saw an item about it on TV.
They used to check all the dikes manually. Hell of a job, took them over two years every five year.
This state of the art heli (develloped by the TU Delft) can do the job of all those men in just two weeks.

chad wrote on 2005/01/20:
Hey milo,
Thats a great photo.
BTW, why does your rss feed say that you're milov.nlX?

Milo wrote on 2005/01/20:
Oops, I was testing my rss feed earlier (like, a week ago) and totally forgot to remove the debug 'x' indicator. Thanks for being so observant :)

990000 wrote on 2005/01/27: