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December 2012

MeFi: Dark Field Microscopy

January 2009

but does it float

August 2008

July 2008

Sean Tevis - Running for Office, XKCD Style [related]

April 2008

All (known) Bodies in the Solar System Larger than 200 Miles in Diameter

December 2007

Catmonsters and Friends

October 2007

kermis op De Dam

June 2006


May 2006

big yellow bear-lamp

big yellow bear-lamp
I keep spotting the weirdest things in Rotterdam... Last year it was a giant inflatable bunny, now this.



January 2006

math is hard.JPG [via]

December 2005

fave photos of 2005

I shot a little over 18,000 photos this year. Of the ones I posted here, these are my personal favourites:

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little animals - drawings blog [via]

300 Korean film posters

photo: spooky 2am find

spooky 2am find

and so we wait

and so we wait

November 2005

October 2005

ladybug on the roof

ladybug on the roof

March 2005

barricading the school

Sorting through hundreds of snow photos at the moment; I just wanted to get this one out there... :)

January 2005

helicopter and flock of birds

Being in the right place (in front of the attic window, trying out my new camera) at the right time (helicopter is circling around, doing some sort of environmental survey) is nice sometimes...