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March 2005

barricading the school

Sorting through hundreds of snow photos at the moment; I just wanted to get this one out there... :)

Roel wrote on 2005/03/03:
Damn! Why didn't I ever do that! ;)

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/03/03:
^__^ too good.
The school boys & girls in Netherlands are full of ressources.

Ruben wrote on 2005/03/03:
The maagdenhuis occupants ought to do that too...

nowak wrote on 2005/03/04:
[this is good]

Jan! wrote on 2005/03/04:

Low wrote on 2005/03/04:
Tee hee!

ACJ wrote on 2005/03/04:
Er is nog hoop voor de toekomst in dit land. :')

Maarten wrote on 2005/03/04:
Onwijs gave foto!

Catral wrote on 2005/03/31:
there ar a few moments in life that I don't want to miss..and this was one of it:)). Good job!!

n0waK wrote on 2010/01/08:
huh! I just came across a MOTIVATIONAL-ified version of your photo