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March 2005

Calm_Pear wrote on 2005/03/14:
Being a little curious I checked to see if the exif info was available but due to the resizing I guess it fell of. But it would be cool if it still was there wouldn’t it? And then thinking about it, it wouldn’t be to hard to cook up a little php that reads the exif.

Calm_Pear wrote on 2005/03/14:
Ah.. uhm.. read_exif_data()
(Note: This function is only available in PHP 4 compiled using --enable-exif)

Milo wrote on 2005/03/14:
I usually strip those for file size optimization. But this is a still from a movie, so it wouldn't have EXIF data anyway.

ACJ wrote on 2005/03/14:
Ik wil een plasmabol. :/

roberto et roberta wrote on 2007/04/12:
c'est beau,
j'aime de trop,

re roberto et roberta caca wrote on 2007/04/12:
jsui vraiment fan!
j"arrete pas de voir et revoir cett image franchement c trop coul!