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February 2008

July 2006

looking up



April 2006

Duisburg hbf3

da da

March 2006

Hamburg hbf5

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

December 2005


finding the light

November 2005

new desklight

sunlight hits the Gojūon

sunlight hits the Gojūon
I pasted a katakana table (gojūon or 'fifty sound' ordering) to the right and a hiragana table to the left of my monitor a while ago, helps me a little when deciphering certain short bits of Japanese text. Plus it looks kinda neat when the sun hits it a certain way.

sunset reflection through round window

October 2005

merged candles

August 2005

train lensflare

June 2005


ellen nav

May 2005

fallen streetlight

April 2005

photo-fun with office beamer

big chunk o' green glass

big chunk o' green glass
Apparently you can simply buy this stuff for 1 euro per kg; makes a very cool photography object.


March 2005

September 2004


August 2004

Making indoor nightshots is fun...

April 2004


train window

water spill

January 2004

November 2002

blue artwork in Delft


March 2002