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April 2005

big chunk o' green glass

big chunk o' green glass
Apparently you can simply buy this stuff for 1 euro per kg; makes a very cool photography object.

Martijn wrote on 2005/04/04:

steven+streight wrote on 2005/04/08:
Chunks of stuff like that, glass magma, nuclearized fluggum, optical slag, effusive industrial hybrid debris washes up on the shore of our local river all the time, though in small sizes. And it's free. I don't know what to do with it, and I assume it's radioactive and highly toxic even to look at, much less touch or fondle. Is your camera okay?

Jan! wrote on 2005/04/08:
"Dude, chill." It's the same stuff they make the green, green bottles of home with. You sometimes seemed to get a wee bit carried away...