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June 2005

new feeds view

I'm having a lot of fun styling my new simple and lean feeds view. Check it out in a browser that supports modern CSS (i.e. not IE) and observe li:hover, ::after and content: attr(href) in action...

Well, it seems is offline for a bit after being sold to some unknown party, so the feeds view might not get updated for quite some time. Anybody know any other good centralized weblog update trackers? I tried BlogRolling for a while but it only seemed to indicate one new updated weblog per day.

Update 2: is back, yay! Turns out it's been acquired by Yahoo!.

Ruben wrote on 2005/06/13:
Looking cool, Milo.

Nick wrote on 2005/06/14:
Nicely done!

Cool pun by the way: 'i.e. not IE'.

wchulseiee wrote on 2005/06/14:
what about although it's owned by askjeeves, it seems to work pretty nicely.

Milo wrote on 2005/06/14:
Ah, good point, I even have an account there already. But I'm having a hard time finding anything beyond the three-pane standard view... Do they offer a simple flat view of blog names and their last update time anywhere?

Basically I just want to be able to Ctrl-click the blog names to open them in new Firefox tabs, rather than being forced to read them via the bloglines interface.

wchulseiee wrote on 2005/06/14:
there is something called 'blogroll wizard': It generates a javascript or php code snippe t you can use

wchulseiee wrote on 2005/06/14:
ok, not really php code, more like just an url :) and no update times either.

Milo wrote on 2005/06/14:
That's something I could use, thanks.