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September 2005

anime listing

An attempt at listing and rating all anime series I've ever seen:

For convenience I'm leaving out kids' shows I might've caught on tv (Dragonball Z, etc.) or shows that I saw so long ago I hardly remember a thing about them (Robotech comes to mind).

Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai7
Aishiteruze Baby7
Alien Nine9
Android Ana Maico 20107
Battle Programmer SHIRASE6
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad7
Cowboy Bebop10
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!8
Ghost In The Shell: SAC8
Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd Gig  ongoing
Hi no Tori7
Kino no Tabi9
Koi Kaze8
Last Exile9
Mama is a 4th Grader-
Mermaid's Forest6
Mezzo DSA6
Midori no Hibi7
Now And Then, Here And There  8
Paranoia Agent8
Read Or Die8
R.O.D. The TV8
Rumic Theater7
Sakigake!! Cromartie High-
Samurai 7-
Samurai Champloo9
Serial Experiments: Lain8
Sensei No Ojikanongoing
Speed Grapher-
Stellvia of the Universe7
Twin Spica8
Uninhabited Planet Survive7
Windy Talesongoing
Witch Hunter Robin-
Wolf's Rain9
Zettai Shonenongoing

- indicates shows I gave up on or that stopped after a certain number of episodes, meaning I haven't seen enough of them to warrant an honest rating.

nowak wrote on 2005/09/12:
You need to adjust your scale. Nothing scores lower than 5 :\

Milo wrote on 2005/09/12:
I'm not trying to evenly distribute 1 - 10 over all the shows. Rather I looked at each one and thought is it unbelievably bad (1) to average (5) to perfect (10). Consider 1 - 4 reserved for shows that are so crappy I haven't even seen them. :)

Fidel wrote on 2005/09/13:
Haven't you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? Everybody's seen that. I agree though that stuff like Sailor Moon or DBZ shouldn't be on the list though. You have great taste. Most of my favorite stuff is on the list which is cool because I like the most original stuff the best. Anything Shirow Masamune has done is good too.

Milo wrote on 2005/09/13:
I haven't viewed anything of the Neon Genesis Evangelion saga yet... can't say it appeals to me but my preconceptions are probably wrong.

I'm open to more recommendations since most of the small batch of shows I'm currently following either have very infrequent releases or are kinda boring at times.

Anti-Happy wrote on 2005/10/26:
I can't believe you gave Gantz a 5 i would at least gave it a 8 or 9.

Milo wrote on 2005/10/26:
Well, it was engrossing for a while, but ultimately, watching Gantz was one of the most depressing experiences of my life.

Chris+Jackson wrote on 2005/10/29:
I give Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi a 5 out of 5.

Otaku wrote on 2005/10/30:
Seriously thats all the anime you have seen? your a nub.

karen wrote on 2006/09/08:
u rock!!!! you truly have seen alot of anime series and i can c you do have taste for anime
heres some series you should wach the werent on your list and tought you might enjoy them:
trigun ( really old anime series i would give it a 9)
evangelion genesis(started waching it a while ago, really good so far)

soo i hpe you enjoy
by the way im gona start waching some of the best rated seriess on your list that i havnt wached so far.
thank u

Darko55 wrote on 2007/04/06:
ummm what about Bleach....its not a kid show...and i dont see Love Hina on there (Love Hina IS NOT a hentai!) ummm and go to my anime site (sry i need more people to go to it)

Darko55 wrote on 2007/04/06:
oh yeah ahh what about Gundam Wing,Trigin,Nana,Gundam Seed,Gundam Seed destiny, Hikaru no Go, Rurouni Kenshin...and why wont you have kids shows case like the Avatar is good (when its not in freaken english) and ahhh o yeah Naruto one of the best anime ever made voted by all....