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May 2010

Breaking Bad Locations in Albuquerque NM [via]

December 2009

Vice Magazine interviews The Wire's David Simon [via]

September 2009

VPRO Tegenlicht documentaire - Jong in... China: I Wanna Be Boss [via]

June 2009

YouTube - Whose Line Is It Anyway? Bloopers [via]

January 2009

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives - BBC documentary [via]

December 2008

AVRO Close Up: Hubert Vos en de keizerin - Verhaal van een portret [via]

November 2008

Watch the very first unaired pilot episode of QI!

October 2008

Brian Blessed hosts an episode of Have I Got News For You

August 2008

Moving Image Pinewood Dialogues - Making 'The Wire' Panel [via]

July 2008

April 2008

YouTube - Salvador Dalí on What's My Line? [more] [via]

March 2008

In Europa - Uitzendingen van In Europa op tv [via]

December 2007

September 2007

Lou Romano - The Powerpuff Girls backdrop art [more] [via]

August 2007

December 2006

Holland Doc: Cyberkoelies - a nice documentary about professional Chinese World-of-Warcraft goldfarmers [thnx]

How FRASIER came to be - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 [via]

October 2006


September 2004.
I was playing around projecting various colours on my new widescreen tv via (my dhtml colour picker).

Late Night with Conan O'Brien HD Bumper Art Gallery [via]

September 2006

Martenhoepla - Zo weinig tijd, zo veel beschadigde kegeltjes en staafjes [related] [via]

July 2006

YouTube - preview of Armando Iannucci's Time Trumpet [via]

June 2006

Conan O'Brien vs. BEAR [via]

Lots of YouTube clips for ROCK FUJIYAMA, the followup to Marty Friedman's show Heavy Metal-san [related]

YouTube - Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman battling it out on a Japanese heavy metal guitar quiz [more] [related]

May 2006

panopticist: There Is Something Weird Going on With the Clock on 24 [via]

February 2006

Great Tegenlicht documentary: "Houden van Holland", by Wen-jie Qin

January 2006

Futurama to return as 4 feature length DVD movies!! according to castmember Billy West

Twitch - 2005 Year In Review Part 1: Korean TV Dramas

December 2005

InSoc vs. TV! - the ugly truth behind behind-the-music reality television [via]

November 2005 - 부활 (Rebirth) torrents - 부활 (Rebirth) review

October 2005

Made-up words in The Simpsons [via]

September 2005

anime listing

An attempt at listing and rating all anime series I've ever seen:

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August 2005

Aeon Flux Original Animated Series DVD to be released in November

D-Addicts has torrents for TRICK - a funny Japanese X-Files-like series [related]

Keuringsdienst van Waarde - Afleveringen - dedicated to the art of the split screen and other types of multi-layered visuals [via] - videolog [via]

cliptip - music video blog [via] (don't miss my theme tune)

July 2005

Ctrl mc feat. Philip da illest - Dit is een herhaling [related] [via]

How Bob the Millionaire became a pirate [via]

June 2005

Andere Tijden archief

All Futurama Taglines [via]

Futurama on Wikipedia

May 2005

Jimmyhat op TV West

Cowboy Bebop LEGO figures [via]

April 2005

SMRT-TV: Interview with Yunjin Kim (of Lost fame) [via] Forums - FUTURAMA cast re-design

LateByte - Nederlandse Community voor liefhebbers van Amerikaanse Late Night televisie - 104 classic TV show intros [via]

Guerilla poster art for Firefly [via]

March 2005

canned coffee commercials starring Asano Tadanobu and Susumu Terajima [via [via]]

February 2005

watch the entire first Battlestar Galactica 2003 episode for free (RealVideo) [via]

The Onion interviews Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz

Gamekings afleveringen in Divx formaat
Update: hmm, blijkbaar offline

Maarrr.. verhuisd naar TMF zijn er nu gelukkig wel weer afleveringen streamend te zien via

Update 2:

January 2005

The new Battlestar Galactica series is pretty awesome

The Onion A.V. Club - Kids In The Hall interview part 1 and part 2 [via]

December 2004

Kethinov's Star Trek: TNG reviews

Ruler of Your Own World review at

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I'm hooked on Ruler of Your Own World, Korean series of the month at

November 2004

Lost is probably my favourite tv-series right now

October 2004

Crossfire Downloads Exceed Broadcast Audience [via]

Jon Stewart interviewed on Fresh Air

September 2004

Grover the Waiter on Sesame Street (part of [via]

The 25 Best Futurama Moments Ever [via]

Dave Chappelle interview on NPR Fresh Air

August 2004

Planet of the Apes re-imagined as an episode of The Twilight Zone [via]

Joss reads! (update: now with video msg)

Zomergasten -> Afleveringen -> Theo Maassen

July 2004

found dvd

Hans Teeuwen DVDs liggen gewoon op straat tegenwoordig. Kijk's wat ik net vond:

read more » responds to Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage

Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage: Robotech edition (Quicktime)

Juha's KITT dashboard project [via]

June 2004

RTL Nieuws item over 'webloggen'

May 2004

The Darmok Dictionary [via]

A Brief History of Mutant Enemy [via]

March 2004

Animal Planet eyes

A series of screengrabs I made of a David Attenborough documentary shown on Animal Planet a while ago:

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Dutch TV idents past and present at TV Ark. [via]

January 2004

the contents

firefly dvds

November 2003


Triumph the Insult-Comic Dog radio interview [via]

October 2003

Pinguim Azul - Pinguins azuis em animes


Heb weer eens een stokje (zie 607) aangereikt gekregen, van Niels ditmaal. I'm supposed to talk about the most recent dvd I watched. Which is, not surprisingly, one of the Cowboy Bebop dvds, specifically episode #9 on disc 2, 'Jamming With Edward'.

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September 2003

Now that I've (re)watched almost all Cowboy Bebop eps on DVD, I like to freeze-frame through the episodes, making screenshots of interesting scenes.

Here are some frames from ep 18 (the one where Spike and Jet search the solar system for a Betamax video player) that I pasted together to form one vertical panorama:

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August 2003

Yay, my Cowboy Bebop: Complete Sessions Collection arrived! With one purchase I now have all 26 episodes, spread over 6 DVDs. Danelope pointed out this offer a while ago, and reading a nice Cowboy Bebop post on Smirlogg made me finally decide to buy it. This is (very close to being) my favourite tv series ever, animated or otherwise.

I've seen all eps in Divx format before, but it's definitely worth watching them all again in high quality, for the amazing background art if anything. The discs are Region 1 but luckily I region-free-hacked both my dvd-player and dvd-drive.

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