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March 2006

promo trailer for the 3rd Ghost in the Shell series: Solid State Society [via]

Low wrote on 2006/03/24:
Woohoo! You just made my day!

Milo wrote on 2006/03/24:
Heheh, the moment I saw this I thought "Ooh, Low's gonna like this" :)

Low wrote on 2006/03/24:
On top of that, I guessed you'd thought something like that when I saw the link... How's that! :)

Milo wrote on 2006/03/24:
Okay, at least I wasn't thinking THAT! Anyway, seeing this link reminded me I still have to check out the ending eps of 2nd Gig.

tbit wrote on 2006/03/26:
i love the modern age when I know i will be able to download weekly episodes of a tv show from japan, fresh with subtitles done by people who understand the subject matter AND have a passion for it. Still; it won't stop me from buying the DVDs when they start coming out a year later.

Andy wrote on 2007/05/30:
GTS-SSS is a short movie not a new series it basically leads from where major leaves the unit to where the new series will start (if there is one)