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December 2012

Acephalous - Teaching basic film theory through Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind aa-valley-of-the-wind-visual-rhetoric-film-theory.html

Respectful Distance: The Telephoto Lens in Japanese Cinema tance-telephoto-lens-in.html (via )

November 2012

Studio Ghibli meets Where The Wild Things Are: (by Justin Hill , via e_the_wild_things_are/ )

March 2007

The Laughing Man Hacks You! - Automatically hiding human faces displayed on an image, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex style [via]

November 2006

PingMag - Making Taiyo Matsumoto's Tekkon Kinkreet into anime [via]

Samurai Champloo - Soundtrack Guide to the Episodes [via]

September 2006

Twitch - overview/reviews of Studio 4C animation shorts [via]

July 2006

YouTube - trailer for Paprika, Satoshi Kon's latest anime film [related] [via]

March 2006

promo trailer for the 3rd Ghost in the Shell series: Solid State Society [via]

October 2005

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Episode Guide - now expanded up to ep. 24 [via]

September 2005

anime listing

An attempt at listing and rating all anime series I've ever seen:

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August 2005

official Samurai Champloo Blog - written by Fuu herself [via]

May 2005

Cowboy Bebop LEGO figures [via]

April 2005

The Complete Guide to Anachronisms in Samurai Champloo [via]

January 2005

Also, the best anime series I saw in 2004:

  1. Planetes

  2. Last Exile

  3. Now And Then, Here And There

  4. Kino's Travels

  5. R.O.D. The TV

A lot easier to rank than the movies below, so this gets an <ol> instead of <ul>... ^_^

December 2004

lots of fan-made anime dvd covers (french)

Anime/Manga Web Essay Archive

August 2004

Wired: The Giants of Anime are Coming [via]

July 2004 responds to Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage

Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage: Robotech edition (Quicktime)

June 2004

anime update

Shows I'm following (or trying to follow) at the moment; favourites marked with *:

(Some almost finished, some just starting out, some may have been cancelled already.)

Midnight Eye interview: Satoshi Kon

May 2004

Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex Episode Guide & references explained

October 2003

Pinguim Azul - Pinguins azuis em animes


Heb weer eens een stokje (zie 607) aangereikt gekregen, van Niels ditmaal. I'm supposed to talk about the most recent dvd I watched. Which is, not surprisingly, one of the Cowboy Bebop dvds, specifically episode #9 on disc 2, 'Jamming With Edward'.

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February 2003

Some interesting/fun animes I have been discovering lately:

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: series of 22-minute episodes based on the movie. Action is sparse but very slick.

Hellsing: royal vampire hunters. A bit heavy on the gothic imagery...

Hoshi No Koe: beautiful short story, apparently a one-man project.

Read or Die: superhero librarian girl saves the world!

Wolf's Rain: wolves with attitude disguised as humans in an undetermined futuristic city. Also some mythological stuff going on.

January 2003

pointBLANK Anime Reviews - HIHO!
"Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind... to create something truly so great, perfection had to be found, and more so, reached. Panasonic truly knew what they were doing, and it shows with every scene."

"What can be added that hasn´t already been said about one of the most profound animes of our time? ... One doesn´t watch HIHO!, one experiences it."

To experience HIHO! yourself, click the links below the 'Is it available?' header...

April 2002

cowboybebop_denhaag.jpg - click for larger version

Whoa... I'm watching Cowboy Bebop, episode 20 ('Pierrot le Fou'), and for a fraction of a second, I think I notice a Dutch street sign for the city of The Hague (aka Den Haag) scrolling in view during a cyberspace sequence. Rewind: yep, it's actually there. How cool is that?!

Also, sorta related: during a recent BBC documentary on the computer game industry, they showed a filler scene of a busy Japanese street where a girl walked by who just happened to wear what I'm sure was a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of Van Vliet, a local waste disposal company. And I mean *really* local - a short walk from here! Coincidences, hmm...

December 2001

Cowboy Bebop is amazing...

July 2001

Japanese Anime smilies - b ^_^ [via Field Notes]

September 2000

Nice combination of technologies: Scorched Earth, the old tank game, rewritten in PHP3/DHTML. (part of

Fisticuffs, cool flash manga animation.

March 2000

Check out this nicely done site about anime and anime-techniques, with several beautiful Flash-animations that actually qualify as functional additions to the content rather than annoying space-fillers.

Cool... I just noticed that alt0169, my favorite Dutch weblog (uit het Rotterdamse stadje R.), has once again linked to one of my New stuff to be added soon, really!