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January 2007

best films seen in 2006

I figure I'd better get this out of the way before I start logging my films-seen-at-the-IFFR 2007 here, so here is a quick raw list of my faves of all the 112 films I saw for the first time in 2006 (not necessarily released in 2006), to be linkified/explained/possibly reordered in the next couple of days:

The best:
Children of Men
It's Only Talk
Taking Father Home
Half Nelson
Tokyo Sora
Me And You And Everyone We Know
The New World

The best of the rest:
Family Ties
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When The Levees Broke
Princess Raccoon
My Secret Cache
Heart, Beating In The Dark (2005 version)
Pan's Labyrinth
Blue Cha Cha
Fear and Trembling
Black Brush
Paradise Girls
Woman on the Beach
The Pervert's Guide To Cinema
Everything Is Illuminated
Broken Flowers
A Stranger of Mine
Some Kinda Love (romansu)
A Scanner Darkly
Langer Licht
The Host
The Great Yokai War
Naisu no mori: The First Contact
Crying Fist
Invisible Waves
A Little Trip To Heaven
My Summer Of Love
Inside Man
Linda Linda Linda
Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles
My Scary Girl
V for Vendetta
Citizen Dog
Samurai Fiction
The Proposition

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dacloo wrote on 2007/04/01:
I thought "Me And You And Everyone We Know" was a piece of crap but it seems people either LOVE or HATE the movie :-)

With the exception of a select few scenes, Me and You was very pretentious, having quirky characters say quirky things solely for the sake of being offbeat and "indie".

I loved "Children of Men" though!