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November 2001

iambald 96

pup wrote on 2001/11/20:
heh. excellent.

kristoff wrote on 2001/11/21:
is it normal it creates a second 'line' when the cursor moves from left to right and then down?

i can't recreate it after that, though

milov wrote on 2001/11/21:
It's an IE5/IE6 thing. In IE5, the two halves are stretched to over 100%, causing the second half to jump to a second line.

milov wrote on 2001/11/21:
eh, or maybe not... I don't remember testing moving completely to the right in IE6.

satis+ wrote on 2001/11/21:
I love b&w for its 'basic' or generic qualities, another nice one ! milo.
(reminds me of zebedee from 'magic roundabout',kids animated program ??)

pinder wrote on 2001/11/21:
wow, i think i've been stuff! it runs smoother in mozilla than IE6 for me.

milov wrote on 2001/11/21:
Wow, I didn't even test it in Mozilla! Seems smoother here too...