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November 2012

RT @ChromiumDev: DevTools: the new console.clear() and styled console logs make for a powerful combo along with

October 2012

I like Google Chrome sync, but wish I could teach it to not bother autocompleting local test urls from my dev machine on any other devices

July 2012

Chrome for iPad has an excellent "Restore tabs" feature; lucky since it crashes at least once a day for me

June 2012

RT @mrtnkl: You can webkit-inspect the webkit inspector! Hit F12, click "undock into separate window" (bottom-left button), then hit F12 again. #yodawg

pasting a javascript:... url in Chrome address bar strips out the "javascript:" part, for security reasons probably

fun with Chrome css filter: javascript:void(deg=0,setInterval(function(){'hue-rotate('+(++deg)+'deg)'},55))

May 2012

google's browser Chrome is warning me that google's own website YouTube loads insecure content from google's own site

April 2012

hope this Chrome bug gets fixed: Disabling javascript breaks HTML error pages