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December 2012

trein rijdt niet door naar Amsterdam maar gaat na lang stilstaan terug naar Leiden.. zal ik dan ook maar naar #inspireconf gaan?

voor het eerst als forens naar Amsterdam. met slechts 20 minuten treinvertraging.

confusing keyboard-using readers of your blog: trigger page nav on each press of left/right arrowkey, without checking if Alt-key is pressed

My name is Looper, I live on the second floor.

seizoensgebonden easter eggs een half jaar van te voren programmeren, dat gebeurt soms.. #delayedgratification #nrc #zoeken

November 2012

This message was sent with High importance.

one day until Bat For Lashes concert in Paradiso, yay!

exploring the differences between android v2.3.7 and v4.1.1. glad to now play around with a mobile browser that supports 3d css transforms

seeing they now had one in black (instead of blue or white) was enough to finally convince me to jump on the Samsung Galaxy S III bandwagon

Being retweeted by Chris Hutchinson means getting twitter notifications that say "Learn more about @christ". Hah.

eindelijk geen malwarewarnings meer op; daar gaat ons noodplan artikelen uit te printen en bij mensen thuis te bezorgen

NRC In Beeld foto's nu ook makkelijk per stuk te delen/liken. Wordt al fijn gebruik van gemaakt bij deze Election serie iezing-van-barack-obama/

October 2012

home-made veggie lasagna, yum

I like Google Chrome sync, but wish I could teach it to not bother autocompleting local test urls from my dev machine on any other devices

September 2012

1.notice IE jQuery error; 2. dl slightly newer unminimized jQuery simply to debug specific line; 3. find bug has disappeared like magic, yay

ongelofelijk toeval dat onze url shortener hier 'htm' van maakt RT @nrc Tientallen gewonden bij trambotsing in Den Haag

always surprised by how cheap SD cards have gotten, whenever I need a new one. 32GB microSDs can now be bought for only €24, not bad

trying out Hooha client for Android, looks pretty slick. rare to see an app package under 1MB these days

August 2012

someone in this train is using opening notes of track 1 of Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" as a ringtone. not bad.

buurman wordt gebeten door eigen, doorgaans rustige, vogeltjes. "au! au! pas op he! dat mag niet! waag het!"

today we cycled 75km, from Cambrai (FR) to Tournai (BE); managed to work our way thru a roads-closed-but-not-quite cycle race along the way

after 4 failed attempts at finding open bike shop this morning, finally got a new chain on my bike this afternoon thanks to Intersport Noyon

broken bike chain + all repair shops closed because of le 15 août = we're staying in hotel, sleeping in real bed for the 1st time in 16 days

nieuwsgierige buurjongetjes op camping verbazen met het feit dat we helemaal hierheen gefietst zijn (met stukje trein). "pas de voiture?!!"

we planned to go to Calais yesterday, but no more room in train for our bikes. now staying in Paris, not a bad place to spend my birthday :)

na 80km fietsen van Salency naar Labruyere blijkt camping gesloten; gelukkig mogen we voor 1 nacht op een veldje van de paardenranch staan

July 2012

fixed 123 counter-rotation on ipad by replacing (unsupported?) animation-direction:reverse with separate animation rule

watching The Newsroom ep 4, and realizing that in the past few years I've probably watched more fake tv news than actual real tv news

vrijdag veel moois gezien in een mooi gebouw: KABK Eindexamenexpo 2012 (25 photos, Pentax K01 + 40mm XS)

voor het eerst geleerd hoe Suske en Wiske in het Engels heten

maakt niet uit joh

Chrome for iPad has an excellent "Restore tabs" feature; lucky since it crashes at least once a day for me

fijn filmrecensies uit de jaren 90 teruglezen dankzij onze nieuwe maand/jaarfilters

June 2012

vanavond naar James Vincent McMorrow in @melkweg, jeej!

Zoeken op vernieuwd, nu met *klikbare* grafiek in de rechterkolom voor makkelijk filteren op jaar/maand:

op weg naar @bazarbizarmarkt

morgen weer fijn foto's maken bij @bazarbizarmarkt Rotterdam!

wondering if this chalk twitter logo we spotted in Dublin has now been updated to reflect the new guidelines

"Rien à déclarer" (Dany Boon, 2010) is a fun film, though with odd bits of casual gun violence that seem a bit out of place and disturbing

#hashtag /slashtag -dashtag

May 2012

google's browser Chrome is warning me that google's own website YouTube loads insecure content from google's own site

request for js slideshow makers: if you trigger forward navigation on spacebar-press, please also allow shift-spacebar for back navigation

still enjoying Alan Fletcher's "The Art of Looking Sideways" after 10 years #books #phaidon

those js let's-fade-out-the-entire-page lightbox overlays and touch browsers continue to be an awkward annoying mix

April 2012

tussen twee walletjes en het schip

typing on a keyboard with actual dedicated PageUp/PageDown keys that work without having to reach for a Fn key, been a while

wauw, Mijn ING interface omkat, werd eens tijd! jquery, css sprites, friendly urls, fijn

love that this flickr short url contains the word 'blue' RT @milo Rotterdam Centraal

still wonder what it is about the loading of custom webfonts on some websites that causes Windows browsers to freeze for 30 seconds or more

hope this Chrome bug gets fixed: Disabling javascript breaks HTML error pages

March 2012

vandaag Kunststripbeurs!

very interested in Pentax' new mirrorless K-mount camera

asus ux31 touchpad driver dilemma: can't disable inertial scrolling in latest version, but prev version won't allow two-finger context menu

wearing my #IFFR 2012 hoodie over my #IFFR 2007 t-shirt

gah, "Hugo" has some of the worst teal-and-orange colorization I've seen in a while, distracts from the beautiful shots quite a bit, sigh

February 2012

lightbox app notifications on android are a bit spammy, shame. "Checked your feed today?" etc

dutch hex colour words

Zes-letter-woorden in het Nederlands die tevens dienst doen als hexadecimale kleurcode:


(geïnspireerd door Ned Batchelder en DE1DEE.)

hyena's in de sneeuw zien vanuit de trein, leuk #blijdorp

our cat just jumped on my laptop and View Source'd a webpage with its paws/butt. I'm so proud.

vraag me af waar het grote #IFFR dashboard in geprogrammeerd is / op draait... #rondehoekjes

January 2012

may the vorst be with you

net fijne @photocollective chinees nieuwjaar meetup gehad, nu naar m'n 1e #IFFR film, Valley of Saints, daarna Miike Takashi's Ace Attorney

prompt [$T$H$H$H$H$H$H] $P$G

found a new way to quickly turn off my brand new laptop: accidentally jam a headphone jack into the usb port :/ luckily no permanent damage

December 2011

Just realized sth annoying about new twitter: it emphasises showing full names before nicknames; other way round would make more sense to me

Tartex, Ungarische Art

fijn potje analoge wordfeud gespeeld (en gewonnen) dit weekend

"This application requires no special permissions to run." Such a rare and special occurrence to see this in Android Market

November 2011

Mandy Patinkin convincingly portrays a hunt-and-peck keyboardist in #Homeland S01E08

my photos of last month's @photocollective meetup in @TheaterRegentes:

straks weer naar een @photocollective Den Haag meetup, in @fasttheHague Free Architecture Surf Terrain Scheveningen


October 2011

in Paris!

September 2011

retroactively adding several photo series of events/trips/concerts/meetups of the past 6 months to

Ffzv4t4ut4yuu41g12gg4dgt11tt1t11twjcvcft12g1yruy42131e1t #screenlockfail

feeling nostalgic for my (now broken) first-gen Ricoh GR Digital camera, tempted to get latest model:

one big thing native mobile apps seem to do a lot better than web apps: maintaining correct scroll position on back-navigation #android #ui

so it only took me 2.5 yrs to realize I can quickly change ISO speed on my Pentax K20D by holding ok-button and rotating front wheel.. nifty

rooted my HTC Desire to Cyanogenmod (+ Zeam Launcher), yay for apps2sd, finally no more problems with internal storage filling up

August 2011


Op weg naar @InVervoering festival in Utrecht

nice to hear Fever Ray "If I Had A Heart" in Breaking Bad S04E03!

July 2011

zie en ruik links van me in de trein een patatje met, rechts een patatje pinda. #honger

did I just hear a matrix printer sound effect over a shot of an inkjet printer, in Luther ep S02E03?

June 2011

wishing Google Calendar month view would just let me scroll down instead of always compacting all days to fit into available vertical space

uploaded a whole bunch of photos from saturday's fun #BazarBizar:

processing my 700 @bazarbizarmarkt photos from yesterday

morgen weer de hele dag foto's maken bij @bazarbizarmarkt Rotterdam, kom ook langs!

vanavond foto's maken bij @pechakucha_ams in @TrouwAmsterdam

February 2011

zaal 1 in nieuwe Lantaren/Venster ruikt lekker naar nieuw hout. #iffr

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