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July 2009

Stewart Lee - What's wrong with blasphemy? [via]

January 2009

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives - BBC documentary [via]

December 2008

AVRO Close Up: Hubert Vos en de keizerin - Verhaal van een portret [via]

March 2008

In Europa - Uitzendingen van In Europa op tv [via]

January 2008

Helvetica, documentary about typography and design, now viewable in its entirety on Google Video! [related] [via]
Update: oops, it's offline now :(

January 2007

Helvetica The Film - The Blog [via]

December 2006

Holland Doc: Cyberkoelies - a nice documentary about professional Chinese World-of-Warcraft goldfarmers [thnx]

October 2006

Google Video - On the Edge of Blade Runner [via]

May 2006

Journeyman Pictures : short films : Flip Flotsam - the most beautiful documentary on flip-flops you will ever see. Direct link to 33MB RealVideo file here.

February 2006

Great Tegenlicht documentary: "Houden van Holland", by Wen-jie Qin