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November 2012

RT @butdoesitfloat: Japanese album covers from the late 70s-early 80s similar-They-are-both

RT @skwirrol Dutch Sci Fi Book Covers

Non-Confusing, Visually Correct Slider Toggle UI d-slider-ui/ (via )

October 2012

RT @fofr: Hover states - a lovely presentation of various interaction designs (via @pbad)

Books Printed with Complete RGB Color Space: via

August 2012

The Best Interface is no Interface - ce.html/ (via @EduardoMorais )

RT @brad_frost: Complex Navigation Patterns for Responsive Design nsive-design/ New post from earlier today.

July 2012

RT @lrs: Mooi (en werkelijk prachtig opgemaakt) stuk over de Amsterdamse Krulletter (hetgeen leidde tot een computerfont) sterdamse-krulletter/

wtf mobile web via @brad_frost

June 2012

RT @thisfatzoo: WORTH THE SCROLL

The art of π, φ and e via

RT @subblue: Just uploaded a bunch of test scenes from my WebGL 3d renderer:

MTV Night Videos idents by Kungen & Hertigen via @itsnicethat

RT @jammed: New maps icon is pretty but will kill you.

May 2012


Pixel-fitting – how antialiasing can ruin your logos and icons via

April 2012

RT @NickSherman: The Neue Haas Grotesk site is an experiment in SVG type specimens. Zoomable, prints at high res, defaults to GIFs in IE

March 2012

trying out a new minimal Android homescreen

trying out a new minimal Android homescreen layout
A screenshot of my HTC Desire running ADWLauncher EX on Cyanogenmod, using Widgetsoid, Minimalistic Text Widget, icons from Sense Glass ADW Theme, and a background image from Mozilla's Boot2Gecko demo that someone linked on Reddit.

Gallery of default anonymity (via -also-notrobwalker-and-murketing )

RT @shauninman: I used smears, squash & stretch in TLR in the stepping animation and explosions. Check 1st screenshot here for example:

vector icons vs bitmap icons (via )

RT @tomcoates: I've been designing for iOS devices too long when the first thing I think when I hear 40% better saturation is "our apps will look weird" redesign, 2012 version (via @kottke)

February 2012

RT @repponen: iOS '86 (Retro)

December 2011

RT @LeaVerou: Fascinating #UX @smashingmag article: @lukew rethinks the login form and comes up with very creative ideas. gning-login-forms/

November 2011

Firefox UI design elements by Alex Faaborg that didn't make the cut: (via @webmonkey)

June 2011

Every Day Posters Every Day

January 2010

Wim de Bie toont McSweeney's Panorama krant:
De mooiste krant ter wereld (video) [via]

September 2009

the clock clock [related] [via]

Your Post Box Is Too Small - [via]

August 2009

Information Is Beautiful [via]

December 2008

Christoph Niemann's illustrations about illustration [via]

November 2008 History - overview of the various layouts over the years

Garamond powerline [via]

Drawn! - Studies in Pen Art: beautiful typographic flourishes from 1914 [via]

July 2008

Noisy Decent Graphics: This Isn't England - comparing the shape of Britain on various world maps [via]

Handwritten Typographers [via]

May 2008

Christiaan Postma - Clock [more] [via]

February 2008

Game Mod - graphic design students tweak the output of the game Breakout, using Processing [related] [via]

January 2008

Helvetica, documentary about typography and design, now viewable in its entirety on Google Video! [related] [via]
Update: oops, it's offline now :(

November 2007

Pixelsumo - Playing with cubes [via]

July 2007 - infographics by Megan Jaegerman
[more] [via]

May 2007

Scrap book of Russian bookjackets, 1917-1942 [via]

megamu - visualizing listening history over time [related] [related] [via]

March 2007

February 2007

CR Blog - The Money Maker - interview with Ootje Okkenaar about his Dutch banknote designs [via]

January 2007

Helvetica The Film - The Blog [via]

Don Park's Daily Habit - Visual Security: 9-block IP Identification, aka 'Identicons' [via]

October 2006

Late Night with Conan O'Brien HD Bumper Art Gallery [via]

August 2006

Helvetica, a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture

July 2006

Yay Hooray - famous logos redesigned in web 2.0 format! [via]

Click opera - Notes on Potus [via]

information aesthetics - computer generated visually distinctive id icons [via]

Silent London - a map of the quietest places in the city [via]

May 2006

Mojizu - A Contemporary Character Design Community [via]

panopticist: There Is Something Weird Going on With the Clock on 24 [via]

awesome 50-page slideshow by Matt Webb on fictional futures, design, sci-fi and all sorts of things [via]

March 2006 - crafting new computational calligraphies [via]

February 2006

Derek Yu's Pixel Art Tutorial [via]

November 2005

Peekaboo - Low kat weer eens om, letterlijk dit keer. - the movie poster weblog

The Escapist - well-designed weekly online gaming magazine [via]

October 2005

Ji Lee's The Bubble Project now has its own domain name - a visual exploration on mapping complex networks [via]

September 2005

CSS Table Gallery [via]

Typetester - Compare fonts for the screen [via]

Powazek: Just a Thought: Embrace your bottom! [related] celebrates its first birthday with a fresh new design [via] - How to build on bubble-up folksonomies...

July 2005

Art. Lebedev - Optimus keyboard

May 2005

position:fixed comment form (scroll down to see the effect) [related] [via]

Designline - A Design Timeline animation

April 2005

Guerilla poster art for Firefly [via]

March 2005

Jeffrey Veen: State-of-the-art interactivity? [via]

January 2005

css Zen Garden, 1996 Geocities style [via]

October 2004

Bullet Madness - 200 free list-bullet icons at [via]

Shaun Inman of the Dead

September 2004 is the newest home of that old Dreamless clients thread [via]

Link presentation and Fitts' Law

Typophile Forums: Is Dutch ij ligature "atomic?" [via]

August 2004

big gallery of plagiarism in advertising [via]

Low kat weer eens om; lekker blauw

July 2004

the box doodle project [via]

Juha's KITT dashboard project [via]

The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art [via]

all Super Mario World backgrounds [via]

June 2004

That Wicked Worn Look, a weathered design tutorial [via]

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