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April 2011

Motel Mozaïque 2011

changing the stage

February 2011

IFFR 2011

IFFR 2011: De Doelen

July 2010

Metropolis Festival Rotterdam 2010

Hausmagger @ Metropolis Festival 2010

September 2009

De Wereld van Witte de With 2009

De Wereld van Witte de With

May 2009

IFFR 2009 swag

IFFR 2009 swag
One of my favourite things about film festivals is collecting various posters, flyers and booklets for movies and festivals from all over the world. Here's my loot from the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year! The big items are A4-size.

April 2009

Zone 5300: Imagine / AFFF film festival special

November 2008

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2008 - List of all films [via]

August 2008

The CAMERA JAPAN 2008 Japanese Filmfestival programme has been announced! [via]

April 2008

24th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - from april 9th
to 20th, 2008

October 2007


June 2007

CAMERA JAPAN, a Japanese Filmfestival, hits Rotterdam this weekend [list of films]

April 2007

23rd Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - April 18-25, 2007 [via]

January 2007

International Film Festival Rotterdam - Film Title List A-Z

November 2006

Twitch - Dejima Japanese Film Festival 2006 Wrap Up [via]

April 2006

BAFF 2006 - 8th Barcelona Asian Film Festival programme [via]

October 2005

Conbarba's Sigtes Film Festival report (scroll down for English) [via]