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November 2012

RT @butdoesitfloat: Japanese album covers from the late 70s-early 80s similar-They-are-both

June 2012

Shall We ダンス?

January 2012

#IFFR film 6: Tokyo Playboy Club (Yosuke Okuda, JP): 4/5

Masahiro Kobayashi, director of Women on the Edge, on the roof of De Doelen

#IFFR 2012: Masahiro Kobayashi, director of Women on the Edge, on the roof of De Doelen

September 2011

music discovery of the day: Sgt., japanese post-rock:

one week until this year's @CAMERAJAPAN film festival in rdam..

July 2009

SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)' [via]

February 2009

Midnight Eye feature: Midnight Eye's Best (and Worst) Japanese films of 2008 [via]

December 2007

Hanzi Smatter analyzes the (poor) katakana usage in Kanye West's Stronger video [via]

June 2007

CAMERA JAPAN, a Japanese Filmfestival, hits Rotterdam this weekend [list of films]

October 2006

The DEJIMA Japanese Film Festival complete program is online [via]

August 2006 Japanese -> English Dictionary [via]

Wikipedia - Maneki Neko [via]

June 2006

Lots of YouTube clips for ROCK FUJIYAMA, the followup to Marty Friedman's show Heavy Metal-san [related]

YouTube - Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman battling it out on a Japanese heavy metal guitar quiz [more] [related]

May 2006

Mari - diary: Which web translation is the smartest? comparison of Japanese-to-English translate bots [via]

April 2006 - free daily audio lessons [via]

March 2006

YouTube - Kitty & Rooster, Weird Friendship.

February 2006

Mutant Frog - Mistyping Japanese names

January 2006


Two old habits that I apparently still haven't lost: writing my name everywhere and playing with my food. Here's an arrangement of tiny chocolate particals aka "hagelslag" forming my name and approximations of my name in both Japanese katakana and Korean hangul characters. Tasty...

December 2005

Wikipedia - Kyōiku kanji

November 2005

Japan Live interviews Spangle call Lilli line, whose music I've been listening to non-stop for the past four days [via]

I can't stop watching Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons... [more here]

sunlight hits the Gojūon

sunlight hits the Gojūon
I pasted a katakana table (gojūon or 'fifty sound' ordering) to the right and a hiragana table to the left of my monitor a while ago, helps me a little when deciphering certain short bits of Japanese text. Plus it looks kinda neat when the sun hits it a certain way.

October 2005

High Rise mp3s at

September 2005

Ask MetaFilter - J-pop recommendations

August 2005

Nihongo Resources [via]

D-Addicts has torrents for TRICK - a funny Japanese X-Files-like series [related]

official Samurai Champloo Blog - written by Fuu herself [via]

July 2005

June 2005

randomchaos: Japanese Lessons

April 2005

The Complete Guide to Anachronisms in Samurai Champloo [via]

March 2005

canned coffee commercials starring Asano Tadanobu and Susumu Terajima [via [via]]

Watching The Ring is scary (mpeg video) [via] pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese and Korean (includes bookmarklets) [via]

February 2005

BORIS streaming videos [related] [via]

January 2005

Midnight Eye feature: The Best (and Worst) Japanese films of 2004 [via]

September 2004

Good morning Ohio

June 2004

Roman alphabet to Hiragana/Katakana convertor [via]

May 2004

Japanese for the Western Brain [via]

Midnight Eye interview: Akihiko Shiota

August 2003

Going My Way: The Japanese map which is seen with just the text (Babelfish translation) - from what I can gather this is an ASCII/Kanji map of Japan where each element is actually the name of the area it represents; pretty cool.

December 2002

Antipixel: Kanji months and days of the week
That would make today "Mokuyöbi, Jyüni-gatsu Go" (or Go Jyüni-gatsu?)

All the Dutch days of the week:
maandag, dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag, vrijdag, zaterdag, zondag

July 2001

Japanese Anime smilies - b ^_^ [via Field Notes]