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November 2009

Why do we have an IMG element? [dive into mark] [via]

September 2009

Blog templates: a case study in using HTML5's sectioning elements [via]

October 2006

Joe Clark - How not to fix HTML [via]

January 2006

Google's statistics on most-used HTML tags and classes [via]

November 2005

spot the html errors in this Google Analytics example screenshot [via]

November 2004

Who framed the web: Frames and usability [via]

October 2004 [via]

naar voren - structuur in de chaos

September 2004

Web development mistakes [via]

May 2003

ongoing - On Semantics and Markup [via logicola]

April 2003

<object>-tag Conformance Test - "An image marked up <img> can have replacement text, but an image marked up with <object> can have replacement markup." [via Dive Into Mark]

July 2002

look up

I just realized: our ceiling contains a perfect <hr>.

September 2000

Antenna mentions a very useful and simple trick to create clickable labels for form-elements in Internet Explorer (something I had up until now been using Javascript-hrefs for):

   <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" ID="foo">
   <LABEL FOR="foo">click me</LABEL>

I'd like to expand on that and recommend adding LABEL { cursor:hand; } to your style sheet definition so people realise they can actually click on the labels.

For the gamers: "Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From FPS", Part I and Part 2. [via]