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December 2012

Acephalous - Teaching basic film theory through Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind aa-valley-of-the-wind-visual-rhetoric-film-theory.html

Respectful Distance: The Telephoto Lens in Japanese Cinema tance-telephoto-lens-in.html (via )

Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke via @RollingStone

RT @ggreenwald: The PSY scandal: singing about killing people v. constantly doing it

The story behind "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs" ambled.html (via d_salads_and_scrambled_eggs/ )

RT @newsyc20: The In-game Economics of Ultima Online (1999) ( #trending #guru

StackOverflow - What was the strangest coding standard rule that you were forced to follow? g-standard-rule-that-you-were-forced-to-follow (via rflow_thread_what_was_the/ )

November 2012

The awkward transitions of Disneyland architecture and decorations of-disneyland.html (via )

RT @csswizardry: New blog post: Code smells in CSS: cc. @chriscoyier

RT @regvulture: Killing IE becomes Korean election issue: Presidential candidate promises to kill crypto standard locking nation int…

RT @jedisct1: All the crypto code you’ve ever written is probably broken: bly-broken

Tales from the trenches - 'did no one else think the Watermelon was nice?’

RT @newsyc20: 9 ways to use cURL everyone should know ( via @KrisJordan #trending #guru

David Simon: "the last election in which anyone but a fool tries to play [...] the cards of racial exclusion"

RT @codinghorror: I'm starting to believe that currency conversion is the biggest scam there is. ATM

October 2012

Anatomy of a Hoax - The Sony Nexus X (via )

RT @daveg: Behold the full saga between me and Lockheed Martin, wherein I sent them a picture of a kitten: gal-threats-with-cute-animals/3055/

An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research, Compiled by Golan Levin (via ats-ever-existed-on-earth-just-one-big-connected-worm#4622177 )

RT @demorgen: Spotify in financiële problemen? De kern van de zaak is veel interessanter - 0/11/Spotify-in-financiele-problemen-De-kern-van-de-zaak-is-veel-inter essanter.dhtml #dmopinie

RT @robdelaney: An old piece on who I've voted for in every presidential election & why: I welcome feedback.

RT @alper: The write-up in Dutch is here: about why you would want to put all of a country's laws in github:

September 2012

RT @mathias: Detailed research on GPU acceleration and `requestAnimationFrame` across browsers by @zoltandulac:

RT @mikko: Bankruptcy auction for DigiNotar underway in the Netherlands: is/03-16930-1681-1973568/ via @Cryptoki @PascalVanHecke #SSL

RT @quarkness: Is ie dan! De markov-generated Troonrede 2012! #troonrede #prinsjesdag

August 2012

The Best Interface is no Interface - ce.html/ (via @EduardoMorais )

RT @brad_frost: Complex Navigation Patterns for Responsive Design nsive-design/ New post from earlier today.

RT @davewiner: Why it's so hard to find a photo of Neil Armstrong on the moon.

July 2012

RT @troyhunt: Just blogged: Lessons in website security anti-patterns by Tesco

RT @ZachWeiner: Anti-Vaccine Movement Causes The Worst Whooping Cough Epidemic In 70 Years - Forbes via @sharethis

The Art of in-game Photography

clever use of polar coordinates for generating tiled shadow maps via

RT @lrs: Mooi (en werkelijk prachtig opgemaakt) stuk over de Amsterdamse Krulletter (hetgeen leidde tot een computerfont) sterdamse-krulletter/

RT @ID_AA_Carmack: I was going to comment on use of booleans in API, and I found that it has an idiomatic name: "boolean trap":

When Art, Apple and the Secret Service Collide: ‘People Staring at Computers’ ll/ via e-uncomfortable-but-I-didnt-want-to-do-anything-illegal

RT @rmurphey: What's wrong with @netmag's "Optimise your JavaScript" post (with thanks to @cowboy @rwaldron & everyone else)

RT @morgan3d: Article on efficient and elegant hex and triangle grids indexing

"The British Countryside Generator, as we’re calling it, is our procedural world engine for Sir You are Being Hunted." ion/

somehow missed this epic demoscene post on metafilter until now

RT @quarkness: Moup - De hardstwerkende columnist buiten de grachtengordel.

RT @hhariri: Why did Borland fail by @danny_thorpe

RT @MooseAllain: Yesterday people tweeted me their 'family games'. I gathered them on Storify because they're brilliant brilliant & heartwarming

June 2012

Color Wheels are wrong? How color vision actually works via

The art of π, φ and e via

RT @n0wak: I wrote a thing "Canada <--> Mexico"

RT @nedbat: I'm charmed by the first BASIC manual: Even in 1964, warnings about float rounding, and readability over all else.

Matt from "Where the Hell is Matt?" does an AMA on Reddit:

"Het meest droeve is de bedoeling dat het ironie was."! RT @quarkness: Op veler verzoek, een nieuwe Moup!

RT @pvdp: Schrijnend stuk van @zeegersmaarten over hoe hij, na Syrië uitgezet te zijn, door bureaucratie ook NL niet meer in kan

RT @DaveGorman: If you were following my fight with Yahoo/flickr 3months ago, you might like to know it has a happy ending:

"Ontelbaar veel banenbonen [sic]" RT @pvdp: Elle in Oeganda. Wat erg, WAT ERREG! (via @apjvalk)

Creating Fast Buttons for Mobile Web Applications via

May 2012

RT @nedbat: Were you shocked by Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? So were these DBAs: #sql #dorks

RT @serafinowicz: Read @Glinner's brilliant piece on #twitterjoketrial

how the THX sound was created und.html via

RT @elzadra: Wrote a piece for boing boing about the Quebec protest situation:

RT @DeSpeld: Mensenfluisteraar ingezet bij ontruiming Ter Apel g-ter-apel/

oldskool racing game pseudo-3d rendering explained (via )

categorizing different ways to implement 2d platform games -platformers/ (via )

RT @paul_irish: A little history on three.js and @mrdoob's tale of getting into coding:

"Give me a break, Gosling!" n-fcking-gosling.php

Accuracy takes power: one man's 3GHz quest to build a perfect SNES emulator hz-quest-to-build-a-perfect-snes-emulator/

RT @sgalineau: Making Sublime Text more awesome: and-web-developers/ (via @paul_irish)

RT @jordanmoore: Source shuffling - serving the right image for the right device using @adactio's Conditional CSS - images-based-on-media #rwd

RT @mathias: Why you shouldn’t serve content (e.g. html5shiv.js) directly from *

RT @stronk: gegrepen door de visionaire spreekbeurt van @scottjenson: "Mobile apps must die" #mobilismconf

Pixel-fitting – how antialiasing can ruin your logos and icons via

April 2012

The Geeks Who Saved Prince of Persia's Source Code 80&viewall=true /cc @nvh

March 2012

RT @ignorethecode: iPhoto's Mystery Meat Gestures

RT @DaveGorman: @glinner @jackofkent updated post on the DMCA/Degban/@Flickr thing: l Long. The Degban stuff = ridiculous. redesign, 2012 version (via @kottke)

RT @codinghorror: Kon Boot: if you have physical access to the computer, passwords aren't relevant omputer-without-using-a-portal-gun/

February 2012

RT @Pinboard: My pal Aaron (a former flickr-r) has posted his own talk on parallel-flickr from #pda12; highly recommended!

RT @daraobriain: What a bunch of whiny fools... RT @guardianscience: Why we sued Simon Singh: the British Chiropractic Association

RT @codinghorror: "take yourself out of your first world techie social media smart-shoes for a second [and] imagine this"

RT @Teunvandekeuken: "ik ben een kwart MOE- lander" Mijn #Paroolcolumn van vandaag:

RT @waxpancake: This week on Wired, I dig into the risks of using apps that access your Gmail: Think before you oAuth!

January 2012

RT @Gelada: Tim Gowers l/ and Stewart Lee meron-pinewood-film?cat=commentisfree&type=article go well together on the crushing power of over-commercialisation

RT @mcsweeneys: In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents’ WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero: parents-wifi-and-am-hailed-as-a-conquering-hero

RT @waxpancake: Metafilter joins the SOPA/PIPA protest, with a crazy story from @mathowie about Michael Jackson and a DMCA takedown:

"Ten Ways to Avoid Lending Your Wheelbarrow to Anybody", by Adrian Mitchell: ng-your.html

December 2011

lots of interesting reads in this summary of top Hacker News stories for every day of 2011:

RT @jeresig: New Blog Post: JavaScript as a First Language:

comments on @waxpancake UC Davis post iple_angles are an interesting/scary insight into the minds of police brutality apologists :/

RT @anildash: By request, my list of questions for the Republican candidates: (Please share & add your own)

RT @waxpancake: No copyright intended! I wrote some thoughts on copyright and intent.

November 2011

RT @waxylinks: Jamie Zawinski on Mike Arrington and the myths of startup success: "When a VC tells you what's good for you, check your wallet, then count your fingers."

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