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August 2011

singing along to @bruce_peninsula again. #SmallTownMurderSongs #IFFR

April 2011

at @ImagineAFFF to see one of my missed @IFFR films, Takashi Miike's "13 Assassins"

February 2011

faves of my 19 #IFFR 2011 films: Cirkus Columbia, PinoySunday, 22Mei, Illégal, SmallTownMurderSongs, The Days After, Tuesday After Christmas

#IFFR film 19: Water Hands: 2.5/5: lovely footage of photogenic natural/urban landscapes, but a bit too slow to enjoy as 3rd film of the day

#IFFR film 18: 22 Mei (Koen Mortier, BE): 4/5. original, intense, gritty, surreal, moving, even a bit funny

#IFFR film 17: The Journals of Musan (Park Jung-Bum, KR): 3.5/5

#IFFR film 16: Kaidan (2nd viewing). Had to go see this one again and witness the presence of all 4 directors!

#IFFR film 15: Tuesday, after Christmas (Radu Muntean, Romania): 4/5. filled with amazing 10-minute-long single-shot scenes

Ochiai, Lee Sang-Il, Tsukamoto, Kore-eda @ Kaidan screening: #iffr

IFFR 2011

IFFR 2011: De Doelen

#iffr tweets van mezelf, @xiffy en @TheRoel onderaan bladzijdes in de Daily Tiger van vandaag te vinden, gezellig!

#IFFR film 14: Illégal (Olivier Masset-Depasse, BE): 4.5/5. Intense, moving, wow. followed by nice q&a w/director in @LantarenVenster lobby

#IFFR film 13: Pinoy Sunday (Ho Wi-ding, TW): 4.5/5. fun fun fun! a film that you leave whistling or singing

RT @frenchy_rjp: #IFFR2011 #IFFR @milo - you're famous! Check today's Daily Tiger p7..

zaal 1 in nieuwe Lantaren/Venster ruikt lekker naar nieuw hout. #iffr

#IFFR film 12: Cirkus Columbia (Danis Tanovic): 5/5! my fave so far, great film by director of No Man's Land

#IFFR film 11: Outrage (Takeshi Kitano, JP): 3.5/5

January 2011

#IFFR film 10: Characters (Son Kwang-Ju): 3/5. original, perhaps too abstract/meta story in gorgeously composed HD shots. world premiere!

#IFFR film 9: The High Life (Zhao Dayong, CN): 3/5. photogenic urban rooftops and streets, poetry-writing prison guards, nice

#IFFR film 8: Oki's Movie (KR): 3.5/5. seeing any new Hong Sang-soo film always makes me understand his previous ones slightly better

#IFFR film 7: Somewhere (Sofia Coppola, US): 3.5/5. nice to hear some Phoenix music in the soundtrack

#IFFR film 6: Kaidan Horror Classics (JP): 4/5. long sit, was worth it for the final short, Kore-eda's moving and beautiful "The Days After"

#IFFR film 5: Zebraman 2 (Takashi Miike, JP): 3/5

day off from #IFFR today, continuing tomorrow with Zebraman 2, Kaidan, Somewhere and Oki's Movie

#IFFR film 4: Pure Asia (Katashima Ikki, JP): 3/5. tasty b/w shots, unfortunate silly ending

#IFFR film 3: South Asian Shorts: SolaceOfLoneliness: 3.5/5. fine poetic collection of indian/pakistani/srilankan shorts by young directors

#IFFR film 2: Small Town Murder Songs (Ed Gass-Donnelly): 4/5. Great lead performance by Peter Stormare, awesome music by Bruce Peninsula

#IFFR film 1: el invierno de los raros (Rodrigo Guerrero, Argentina): 3/5

RT @AFFR: You can do many movies at the # IFFR 2011. A few tips from the AFFR for architects and planners.

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#IFFR zin in 13 Assassins, EssentialKilling, Headshots, Kaidan, Zaborgar, King's Speech, Oki's Movie, Outrage, Parked, Somewhere, Tiger Eyes

niet lang hoeven zoeken naar VK #iffr bijlage zoals sommige mensen op twitter, maar fijn weer kunnen ophalen bij m'n vaste bron, m'n ouders

weer fijn films omcirkelen in volkskrant #iffr bijlage