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March 2012

RT @jedschmidt: a fan this trick i learned from #JS1K: stick figure sprites in three bytes of hangul: 옷

RT @p01: JS1K Speech Synthesis - - Speaks as you type and whole sentences in 1K of JavaScript #spoiler #formant #synthesis Enjoy

RT @js1k: ♥ Philip Buchanan's submission blew me away, wow! His "Autumn Evening" portrays a beautiful sunset #js1k

RT @jedschmidt: late in finding it, but here's the video of my @140bytes presentation at the last @jsconfeu. i had so much fun with it: -one-tweet-at-a-time-5663160

February 2012

RT @romancortes: 1kb rose, rotating:

July 2011



December 2008 - Java games in 4KB or less [via]

December 2004

Shadow of the Beast - arcade scroller in 20 lines of javascript, by P01 [related] [via]

October 2000

<WEB4096>, the minimalistic web-art competition, is accepting submissions, which can be a combination of HTML/JS, Flash and Java. Maximum size is 4096 bytes, of course.

The competition didn't quite get global exposure when it first ran a year ago, but if Sylloge's 5k contest was any indication, they should expect a LOT of submissions this time. Spread the word... [via CFXweb]