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April 2005

Drawing lines in JavaScript | (check out the examples linked at the bottom)

February 2005 [via]

December 2004

Shadow of the Beast - arcade scroller in 20 lines of javascript, by P01 [related] [via]

November 2004

(unfinished) code dump

Drag a pattern with left mouse button to make "sparks" appear. Animation is created by cropping, moving and fading one single .gif circle.
sen9 aka three-letter-poet
Mouse movements generate random three-letter-strings. When it hits an actual existing english three-letter-word, the word is added to the main sentence (click to start a new sentence).
sticky drag blocks
Drag-and-drop collision-detection experiment.
Multiple layers of a simple pattern rotating at different speeds (runs a lot faster in IE than in Firefox).
Trying to do something interesting with css border slants. Update: broken in IE at the moment.
Attempts at a shrinking zoom-effect by applying smaller and smaller relative (%) sizes...

October 2004

fixing DHTML drag-and-drop after applying latest IE security update

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August 2003

DHTML Lemmings - Whaaa... Amazing entry for the GoT DHTML Contest. [via 2lmc spool]

March 2002


January 2002

Definitely one to try full-screen... 99

Anybody up for a game of 755 byte Pong? (IE5.5+ required)
How to make playing Pong interesting for 1 player: use vertical mouse motion to control the right paddle, and horizontal motion to control the left. Also, the longer you play, the faster the dot moves.

And yes, 100 is going to be something special...

December 2001

Impressive self-sorting DHTML table by svendtofte.

September 2000

Nice combination of technologies: Scorched Earth, the old tank game, rewritten in PHP3/DHTML. (part of

Fisticuffs, cool flash manga animation.

June 2000

New at 69 is another attempt (following 57) at creating an original way of displaying time using Javascript. This one is interactive (move the mouse)...

May 2000