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October 2006

Coding Horror: CAPTCHA effectiveness [via]

May 2006 - What has been killing my server? [via]

October 2005

On Cillit Bang and a new low for marketers... ( [via]

March 2005

Killing referrer spam at the Apache level

September 2004

August 2004

Spamusement! cartoons inspired by spam subject lines [via]

December 2003

Traffic Control is tegen 'spam'. stond er onderaan de spam. Verstuur het dan ook niet!

Meer leuke reacties op
Never mind, inmiddels zijn de spam-gerelateerde reacties gewist.

March 2003

Pop3proxy is a clever piece of software allowing you to run SpamAssassin on Windows. Installation is tricky (requires installing of Perl) but step-by-step instructions are provided. I got it working pretty quickly following a tutorial in c't magazine, april 2003 edition.

Update: POPFile does something similar, and is rather good at it, I understand. With easy Windows installer. [via Bob]

December 2002

FREE INVE<proniknuti>STMENT PAC<subicimusque>KAGE

Cheeky spammers using nonsense html-tags in the middle of words to avoid detection by spamfilters?

September 2002

A Plan for Spam - describing a statistical approach to recognizing spam emails. [via RISKS Digest]

August 2002

From: Maurice de Hond
Je ontvangt dit bericht omdat je tijdens het SBS 6 programma "Waar stem ik op?" je e-mailadres hebt achtergelaten.

Ummm... nee hoor.

Update: het lijkt erop dat meer mensen door Maurice gespamd zijn, afgaande van de regelmatige Google-hits op deze entry.

Die spammende Stem van Nederland site bleek nog lek te zijn ook. Kijk uit met je gebruikersgegevens. Meer info:
- Atmosphere - Weblog
- Planet Multimedia

July 2002


You know those spam emails with screenshots of your own site in them? I just got this one for my old site, only this time it contained a mysterious Asian Outlook Express new message window:

(original url: alter numbers to see more screenshots)

March 2002

Countries are sending spam now??

Dear Sir or Madam ,

How many times did you wish you could start all over again? Live a better life? Be part of the Greatest
[sic] Democracy and Join The Land of Infinite Opportunities The USA!

(From something called the Green Card Visa Lottery)

February 2002

Spam with a strange view of the "Opt In" concept:

In order to make absolutely sure that our mailings go to "Opt In" subscribers only, we at [...] are in the process of updating our subscription list.

If you wish to be removed from future mailings, please reply with the subject "Remove" and this email address will be blocked from future mailings.

December 2001

A message from Robert Volta, Sales Manager:

This is a one-time mailing; to be removed from our database, reply with "REMOVE" in the subject line. To ensure that the "unsubscribe process" has been completed successfully please allow 2 weeks. We do apologize for any interim emails that are received while we are updating our records.

Subject: Minikarting Uudistui!

Palvelumme on siirtynyt MTV3:n sivustolle, joka takaa pelin huiman kehityksen, uusia ratoja ja ties mitä! Taistelu minikartingin herruudesta Suomen parhaassa portaalissa voi alkaa! Lähitulevaisuudessa luvassa mahtavia palkintoja, uusia ratoja ja paljon uusia kilpakumppaneita!

October 2001

Spam with spelling errors, how nice...

"life is wonderful today!7036
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