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June 2012

RT @whedonesque: Whedonesque is ten years old today.

September 2005

WHEDONesque: Serenity premiere in Amsterdam [with photos]

November 2004 is a Site of the Week

October 2004

Joss' first comment at WHEDONesque!

August 2004

Joss reads! (update: now with video msg)

March 2003

I equipped the Latest comments listing (to your left) with comment-position-indicators...

Update: similar indicators now also activated at WHEDONesque.

February 2003

Look, a Latest comments listing! (requested by poi a while ago...)
I also built one of these for WHEDONesque last night.

Now the occasional comments by Googlers finding old entries won't remain quite so unnoticed.

January 2003

2003 Weblog Awards Nominees are revealed. Go Whedonesque!

July 2002

It's here! Now officially opened:
A new community weblog about Joss Whedon's work (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, ...). Design/html/content by Caroline, php/mysql-coding by me.
it's coming...