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March 2002


jpk wrote on 2002/03/20:
'For the Birds' op Duitsland?

milov wrote on 2002/03/20:
From an Arte documentary on three 3D animators and animations (For The Birds, Monsters Inc. and Geri's Game).

Borax wrote on 2002/03/21:
Pixar roelt :-)

karma wrote on 2002/03/21:
Hmm, I think saw this movie somewhere on the Internet too lately

mados wrote on 2002/03/21:
The Birds animation was shown as supporting film before Monsters Inc. in German cinemas.

nite wrote on 2002/03/25:
norwegian cinemas too

bram wrote on 2002/03/25:
And belgian too

red wrote on 2002/03/26:
hey! those guys won an award last night for best animated short (or something)!

milov wrote on 2002/03/27:
Well deserved.