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December 2012

RT @paulrouget: Head tracking and 3D effect with WebRTC (works in Firefox, Chrome & Opera) (media.navigator pref needs to be turned on)

RT @twholman: Oooh! amazingly sexy #javascript chess - - by @JulianGarnier

June 2012

RT @attasi: I built a CSS 3D lighting engine. It's called Photon. What do think?

RT @subblue: Just uploaded a bunch of test scenes from my WebGL 3d renderer:

RT @keithclarkcouk: Just to see what it would look like: A 3D logo with lighting using webkit CSS masks, gradients and 3D transforms:

May 2012

oldskool racing game pseudo-3d rendering explained (via )

March 2012

RT @js1k: ♥ Philip Buchanan's submission blew me away, wow! His "Autumn Evening" portrays a beautiful sunset #js1k

February 2012

RT @romancortes: 1kb rose, rotating:

November 2007

Google Video - How to turn a sphere inside-out [via]

July 2006

Virtual Replay - 3D-animated replays of all World Cup goals [via]

May 2006

Elephant's Dream - impressive 3D short movie, made with the open source modelling app Blender. Always nice to see displays of great technical skill and reasonably good taste; this could have been a lot worse. [torrent here] [via]

May 2005

March 2002