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April 2003

I'm going to try to not post any photos for the duration of oh, let's say one week, limiting my posts to links, text or artificial images - I'm curious to see what will happen...

Need to break the cycle; even when typing this entry I found myself automatically starting with <img src=...

In the mean time, you can always jump to a random entry/photo.

Eduardo wrote on 2003/04/15:
You will receive messages like mine asking for new photos! :)

Lacey wrote on 2003/04/15:

seppe wrote on 2003/04/16:
I always wondered how you categorize all your photos .. and how much webspace you got for those endless beauties

milov wrote on 2003/04/16:
I categorize my photos per month... my local photos dir has subdirs 2001-05, 2001-06 and so on to 2003-04, resulting in a 'managable' amount of 2000+ files in each folder.

And the total size of photos I post online each month is less than 1MB, so it hasn't that big of an impact on webspace.

Tuuur wrote on 2003/04/16:
That's a great little script for opening random links you got there! Almost something to keep as a link in the Contents-menu.

Marc wrote on 2003/04/17:
You will receive messages like mine asking for new photos! :)

Merel wrote on 2003/04/22:
Hmmm... good for you, bad for us.

Sadam wrote on 2003/04/24:
If you dont take more pics here, Ill use "mass destruction weapons" in your blog!

Osama wrote on 2003/04/24:
Planes are comming soon to your server.... more photos... more....

Bush wrote on 2003/04/24:
You know me. Continue posting pictures or you will see my soldiers in your house soom! NOW!!!

milov wrote on 2003/04/24:
Quit it, Eduardo :)

Eduardo wrote on 2003/04/24:
Fkng statistcs... IP adress, and all this things!!! :)

milov wrote on 2003/04/24:
Actually, your brazilian accent gave you away.