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August 2003

Yay, my Cowboy Bebop: Complete Sessions Collection arrived! With one purchase I now have all 26 episodes, spread over 6 DVDs. Danelope pointed out this offer a while ago, and reading a nice Cowboy Bebop post on Smirlogg made me finally decide to buy it. This is (very close to being) my favourite tv series ever, animated or otherwise.

I've seen all eps in Divx format before, but it's definitely worth watching them all again in high quality, for the amazing background art if anything. The discs are Region 1 but luckily I region-free-hacked both my dvd-player and dvd-drive.

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Jake of wrote on 2003/08/20:
Later Space Cowboy.. make sure to get the Movie too.

milov wrote on 2003/08/20:
Indeed, I have to buy it before I get to episode 22 and 23 (if I want to watch the whole story in order :)

lady jade wrote on 2003/12/03:
are you sure the complete sessions has the series number 5? the cover of it has Ed holding Ein, and i cant find it ANYWHERE!!!! i have all the others!!! email me personally , anybody to let me know if it has series #5! it is extremely important!