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October 2003


Heb weer eens een stokje (zie 607) aangereikt gekregen, van Niels ditmaal. I'm supposed to talk about the most recent dvd I watched. Which is, not surprisingly, one of the Cowboy Bebop dvds, specifically episode #9 on disc 2, 'Jamming With Edward'.

I first read about Cowboy Bebop in mid-2001, seeing it mentioned here and there as the "best anime ever!" etc. To be honest, I thought the name was rather silly, expecting some sort of retro-futuristic western. But after a while, I decided to try to find some eps via Kazaa anyway, and I quickly found myself downloading, watching, downloading, watching each episode of the series. From the moment the jazzy intro music/animation started, I knew this show was something special.

What made me really interested in seeing the entire series is how the backstory of each character is gradually made clear in bits and pieces over the entire run; there are no easy 'introductions' up front.

...but instead of blathering on about what a great show this is, I'd rather just post some screenshots from ep #9:

Nu gooi ik het stokje naar, eh... Low!

Ruben wrote on 2003/10/07:
Grappig. Is-ie nu hier aanbeland! Op 30 september mocht ik 'm aanpakken en doorgeven.

N! wrote on 2003/10/08:
Ik dacht dat het een kinderserie was, Cowboy Bebop... klinkt als een serie voor kleuters hahaha. Maar nu vind ik de naam eigenlijk best cool.