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November 2004

Flasm - free command line SWF ActionScript disassembler

nowak wrote on 2004/11/27:
It's a great tool. Been using it for years. How else do you think I managed to get sub 256 byte flash for the 256b compo? :)

Milo wrote on 2004/11/27:
Nice... I only just used it for the first time, to find out this stuff:

little_boy wrote on 2007/03/16:
For deep study flash.
Thank's for your help!

little_boy wrote on 2007/03/16:
Why it's not possible to download:
thanks for help.
Working with Win Xp regular...

Yep wrote on 2008/04/05:
It wont work

Yep wrote on 2008/04/05: